MBRC contemporary standard design drawings


These drawings are to be used for MBRC projects and works commissioned by the Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Drawings conditioned for works as part of a development in accordance with the MBRC planning scheme can be assessed at MBRC PSP standard design drawings.

Pedestrian and cyclist facilities

Drawing number Drawing title
PC-2000 Bicycle lanes and bicycle awareness zones on carriageway(PDF, 3MB)
PC-2010 Traffic signals - linemarking details - bicycle facilities(PDF, 4MB)
PC-2020 Bicycle provisions - at signalised intersections - 1 of 2(PDF, 4MB)
PC-2021 Bicycle provisions - at signalised intersections - 2 of 2(PDF, 4MB)
PC-2030 Bicycle provisions - single lane roundabout(PDF, 4MB)
PC-2031 Bicycle provisions - two lane roundabout - new works(PDF, 5MB)
PC-2032 Bicycle provisions - two lane roundabout - with width limitations(PDF, 301KB)
PC-2040 Bicycle provisions - road exit ramps(PDF, 3MB)
PC-2041 Bicycle provisions - road entry ramps(PDF, 3MB)
PC-2050 Bicycle provisions - off road at roundabout(PDF, 5MB)
PC-2060 Pathway termination treatments - 1 of 2(PDF, 4MB)
PC-2061 Pathway termination treatments - 2 of 2(PDF, 4MB)
PC-2070 Bicycle racks and rails - stainless steel bicycle hoop - bolt down and cast in-situ(PDF, 3MB)
PC-2080 W-beam guardrail post protection for pedestrians and cyclists(PDF, 403KB)
PC-2101 Kerb ramp construction details(PDF, 253KB)
PC-2110 Pedestrian crossovers - tactiled(PDF, 287KB)
PC-2120 Staged pedestrian - crossing refuge(PDF, 295KB)
PC-2130 Pedestrian refuge offset provision with or without zebra crossing(PDF, 328KB)
PC-2140 Pedestrian facilities at traffic island cut through(PDF, 4MB)
PC-2150 Typical kerb ramp and traffic signal pedestal location(PDF, 3MB)
PC-2160 Directional TGSI - wayfinding trails - permanent clearances(PDF, 4MB)
PC-2170 Installation of TGSI on ramped kerb crossing(PDF, 3MB)
PC-2180 Suspended Slab Footbridge Structural Details(PDF, 3MB)

Bus infrastructure

Drawing number Drawing title 
BI-2500 Mini bus shelter(PDF, 4MB)  

Traffic signals and ITS

Drawing number  Drawing title 
TS-5000  Traffic signal design requirements(PDF, 5MB)

IPWEAQ drainage series

Drawing number Drawing title
DS-001 Index of standard drawings - drainage(PDF, 175KB)
DS-010 Access chamber - stormwater access chamber detail - 1050 to 2100 dia(PDF, 127KB)
DS-015 Access chamber - manhole frame - roadway and non-roadway) - 1050 to 2100 dia(PDF, 70KB)
DS-018 Access chamber - manhole riser details (roadway)(PDF, 82KB)
DS-019 Access chamber - manhole cover (roadway) 1050 to 2100 dia(PDF, 87KB)
DS-020 Access chamber - manhole cover (non-roadway) 1050 to 2100 dia(PDF, 97KB)
DS-021 Access chamber - manhole cover concrete infill (pedestrian traffic) 1050 to 2100 dia(PDF, 84KB)
DS-030 Bedding and backfilling - excavation, bedding and backfilling of stormwater drainage pipes(PDF, 219KB)
DS-031 Excavation, bedding and backfilling precast box culverts(PDF, 175KB)
DS-040 Sediment control - sediment control devices - sediment fence - entry exit(PDF, 197KB)
DS-041 Sediment control - sediment control devices - kerb and field inlets - check dams and straw bales(PDF, 276KB)
DS-050 Drainage pits - field inlet - type 1 and type 2(PDF, 147KB)
DS-060 Drainage pits - kerb inlet - kerb in line - general arrangement(PDF, 121KB)
DS-061 Drainage pits - kerb inlet - precast lintel details(PDF, 71KB)
DS-062 Drainage pits - kerb inlet - grate and frame(PDF, 134KB)
DS-063 Drainage pits - kerb inlet - lip in line - general arrangement(PDF, 79KB)
DS-068 Drainage pits - kerb inlet - kerb in line - anti-pending(PDF, 94KB)
DS-069 Drainage pits - field inlet pit - dome top cover (900x600)(PDF, 1MB)
DS-070 Bioretention drainage profile - type 1 - saturated zone - unconstrained(PDF, 243KB)
DS-071 Bioretention drainage profile - type 1 - saturated zone - constrained(PDF, 241KB)
DS-072 Bioretention drainage profile - type 2 - sealed(PDF, 236KB)
DS-073 Bioretention drainage profile - type 3 - conventional(PDF, 238KB)
DS-074 Bioretention drainage profile - type 4 - pipe less(PDF, 108KB)
DS-075 Large bioretention sediment forebay(PDF, 364KB)
DS-076 Bio retention weir(PDF, 130KB)
DS-077 Bio retention street tree(PDF, 278KB)
DS-078 Bioretention standard notes(PDF, 197KB)
DS-079 Streetscape swale - typical section - sheet 1 or 2(PDF, 207KB)
DS-080 Streetscape swale - typical section - sheet 2 or 2(PDF, 231KB)
DS-082 Drainage details - culvert inlet screen(PDF, 105KB)
DS-083 Drainage details - culvert inlet screen on precast headwall(PDF, 206KB)

IPWEAQ roads series

Drawing number Drawing title
RS-001 Index of standard drawings - roads(PDF, 183KB)
RS-049 Driveways - residential driveways - plan 1 of 2(PDF, 161KB)
RS-050 Driveways - residential driveways - plan 2 of 2(PDF, 334KB)
RS-051 Driveways - heavy duty vehicle crossing(PDF, 229KB)
RS-056 Driveways - rural driveway(PDF, 186KB)
RS-065 Pathways - concrete pathway - construction details(PDF, 230KB)
RS-080 Kerb and channel - profiles and dimensions - including edge restraints, median and channel(PDF, 104KB)
RS-081 Kerb and channel - residential drainage connections(PDF, 88KB)
RS-090 Kerb ramps - ramped pedestrian crossings(PDF, 299KB)
RS-091 Kerb ramps - ramped and cut through treatments - for pedestrian crossings, slip lanes and medians(PDF, 197KB)
RS-092 Kerb ramps - installation of TGSI's on ramped kerb crossings(PDF, 331KB)
RS-093 Kerb ramps - installation of TGSI's - on ramped kerb crossings - application examples(PDF, 291KB)
RS-094 Kerb ramps - locations and configurations(PDF, 77KB)
RS-100 Public utilities - typical service corridors and alignments(PDF, 132KB)
RS-101 Public utilities - typical service conduit sections(PDF, 228KB)
RS-102 Service conduit crossing(PDF, 120KB)
RS-103 Public utilities - optic fibre pit(PDF, 70KB)
RS-130 Road furniture - street name sign and location (finger board)(PDF, 299KB)
RS-131 Road furniture - traffic sign installation details(PDF, 185KB)
RS-140 Subsoil drains - details and location(PDF, 140KB)
RS-142 Subsoil drains - access points(PDF, 192KB)
RS-170 Pavement extension - trenching and widening(PDF, 252KB)
RS-182 Indented bus bay options adverse crossfall(PDF, 311KB)
RS-183 Indented bus bay options adverse crossfall(PDF, 312KB)