Footpaths are in place to promote safe pedestrian movement along roadsides. Residents must not create a nuisance or safety issues by obstructing footpaths.

Footpath maintenance 

Council conducts regular footpath inspections across its network of footpaths.

Council relies on property owners to maintain their footpaths, this includes mowing and maintenance of foliage so it does not hang over the boundary and cause a hazard.

Council will only mow residential footpaths where there are health and safety issues or to maintain drainage.

Maintenance of trees and gardens located on Council controlled land is Council's responsibility. Contact Council to request maintenance.

Report damage to footpaths

Council will attend and repair damage to any footpath, for example, grassed, concrete or asphalt, as well as associated infrastructure, for example bollards.

To report damage to Council footpaths, contact Council or use the Snap Send Solve app.

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Safety hazards

Footpath access must not be blocked in any way that affects pedestrians or cyclists. Roping or barricading across the footpath is not permitted. Store soil, building materials, rock or other materials on private property only.

Approval from Council is needed to partially close a footpath due to carrying out works. There are safety requirements and a time limit. To apply for approval, complete and submit a  Alteration of land application(PDF, 937KB) form.

If you see a hazard or obstruction, contact Council.