Footpaths are in place to promote pedestrian movement in a safe manner along roadsides and residents must not obstruct in a manner that creates a nuisance or safety issues.

Footpath maintenance

Regular footpath inspections are carried out in areas considered most frequently used by pedestrians and cyclists. Inspections are carried out every three months around schools and selected commercial and industrial areas.

It is accepted practice for owners of residential properties to maintain their footpaths, including mowing. Overhanging foliage from a residents private property that overhangs their boundary causing a hazard for pedestrians using the footpath is the responsibility of that property owner.

Council will only mow footpaths in residential areas along park frontages and footpath linkages between cul-de-sacs where there are health and safety issues or for drainage maintenance.

Maintenance of trees and gardens located on council controlled land is the responsibility of council only, members of the public are not responsible for any maintenance on trees or gardens within council controlled land.

Safety hazards

Footpath (concrete or grassed) access must not be obstructed in any way that interferes with pedestrians or cyclists e.g. by roping or barricading across the footpath or storing soil, building materials, rocks and the like on the footpath.

A partial path closure may be requested to undertake approved works on the footpath.  There is a limit on time allowed for closure and safety requirements are necessary.  Completion of the Permission to carry out work within a road reserve or council owned land application(PDF, 860KB) is required to be submitted.

If you notice a hazard or obstruction that may cause injury or prevent access contact Council.