Beachmere foreshore facelift will be a gamechanger for locals

Published 08 February 2022

Biggs Avenue Beachmere

Work will start this month on Stage 1 & 2 of Council’s plan to revitalise the Beachmere foreshore by providing more safety and amenities to residents while supporting local businesses.

Mayor Peter Flannery said Council was giving the seaside suburb a little love and attention in the form of $500,000 worth of streetscaping and beautification thanks to $250,000 from the Federal Government.

“Beachmere has a long and proud history as one of Moreton Bay’s oldest suburbs and was once a major tourism destination for south east Queenslanders to visit,” he said.

“These works will help put it back on the map as a destination while keeping in line with the general feel that locals already know and love.

“Stage 1 & 2 works include new streetscaping and beautification of Biggs Avenue from the intersection of Main Street to the southern edge of Mazlin Park.

“This is thanks to $250,000 from the Federal Government to help get the project off the ground.”

Biggs Avenue Streetscape

Longman MP Terry Young said this will include creating a 20km/h shared zone for pedestrians to better utilise the stunning foreshore area.

“Beachmere already has so much to offer with it’s beautiful natural foreshore, parks, shops and cafes, and this plan will improve what already exists and make it more accessible for locals,” he said.

“It also means more foot traffic and tourists for local businesses in the foreshore precinct to help stimulate the local economy during these tough times.

“Thanks to the Moreton Bay Regional Council and councillor Mark Booth (Div 2) for his outstanding vision to give Beachmere a boost.”

Cr Booth said these works kickstart his vision to revitalise the Beachmere foreshore in direct response to requests from residents.

“One of my biggest mantras is empowering residents to have their say on the future of their community and this project is a direct result of that,” he said.

“It shows that we’ve not only listened but we’re acting to deliver a better Beachmere that will deliver greater safety and amenities for locals while attracting vital business and tourism dollars for local businesses.

“A key part of this project was making sure that locals were able to leave their stamp on the overall design, which is why we opened it up for the public to choose the colour scheme and pattern for the shared zone.

“Residents overwhelmingly chose blue with a fish pattern and personally I think it will give the area a major lift - I’m just pumped to see installed now.

“Thank you to all the residents who provided feedback and please keep an eye out for future updates on Stage 3, which will be starting at the end of 2022.”

Stage 3 will focus on park upgrades. It will include an overhaul of Mazlin Park as a bookable event and wedding destination, improved walking paths, additional picnic facilities, and planting and much more, thanks to $850,000 from the State Government’s SEQ Community Stimulus Program. This is due to begin at the end of 2022.

Stage 1 & 2 streetscape works are expected to be completed by May (weather permitting).

To find out more information about this project, please visit Council’s website: