New leases empower local community clubs to thrive

Published 13 April 2022


Moreton Bay Regional Council has granted both the Samford Tennis Club and the Bribie Island Movement Strength Club a $1 per annum community lease to support their important work in the community.

Acting Mayor Jodie Shipway said that they were two of more than 400 sporting and community organisations that benefit from a community lease arrangement.

“Community groups and local sporting clubs are the backbones of our region, and Council has worked closely with these organisations to ensure that we provide them with support so they can focus on doing what they do best - serving our community,” she said.

“To help bolster the great work of these groups, it’s important that we provide them with some operational stability so these lease arrangements will be in place for the next five years.

“The Samford Tennis Club and the Bribie Island Movement Strength Club play an important role in keeping our community healthy and active, giving residents a much-needed athletic outlet.

“These lease agreements complement perfectly with Council’s ongoing commitment to supporting an active and vibrant region.”

Councillor Darren Grimwade (Div 11) welcomed the decision to grant the Samford Tennis Club a lease.

“Samford Tennis Club is hugely popular with local families and residents who regularly use the courts, so I’m thrilled that Council is providing them the support they need so they can invest in their members and the activities they run,” he said.

“Locals would be happy to know that there would be two new community tennis courts at this site, replacing the two courts currently located in the Samford Village.

“This would be another exciting improvement to the countless sport and recreation opportunities already available in Samford and its surrounding areas.”

Councillor Brooke Savige (Div 1) said that this lease agreement with the Bribie Island Movement Strength Club was not only a win for the club, but also the community.

“This is a practical and easy investment that will help our community clubs grow and encourage more locals to stay active,” she said.

“The Bribie Island Movement Strength Club runs a range of quality and strength programs for all ages and abilities, and their Olympic Weightlifting program is quite popular with local kids.

“This investment would go a long way in helping our budding athletes pursue their sporting talents as well as keeping them fit and healthy.

“It will help the club expand their programs and grow their memberships.

“With the Olympics not far away, maybe the club will produce an Olympian weightlifter on the podium at the 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games.”