Road signs

Traffic signs

Traffic signs are either:

  • Regulatory signs - informing road users of traffic laws or regulations which would be an offence to disregard including speed limit signs, stop signs, give way signs, roundabout signs and parking signs.
  • Warning signs - warn motorists of potentially hazardous conditions on or adjacent to the road and include pedestrian crossings, T-Junctions and children crossings.

Directional signs

Directional (or fingerboard) signs are signs with a blue background and white text.

Directional sign

These signs are installed for:

  • non-profit organisations
  • Council facilities
  • sporting club signs (sign fully funded by the club)
  • tourist attraction signs (sign fully funded by the applicant)

To request a directional sign, applicant must complete the Community/Voluntary organisation directional sign application(PDF, 100KB) and return to Council for assessment.

Wildlife signs

Wildlife signs may be installed where:

  • roads cross wildlife corridors or are adjacent to watering and / or feeding grounds, and there are reports of wildlife being injured or killed; and
  • it is considered necessary to warn motorists of the possibility of conflict with wildlife to promote safety for both road users and wildlife.

Street name signs

New street name signs are installed by the Developer of an estate.  After a period of time, Council takes over maintenance and is responsible for repair and/or replacement of street name signs and poles.  Council will investigate requests for additional street name signs, where it is considered that existing signage is inadequate.


If you require further information regarding signs, want to request the installation of new signs or report signs that require repair or replacement due to damage or theft, contact Council.