Set your empty containers free this Christmas

Published 08 November 2021

Containers for Chainge

Moreton Bay Regional Council is urging residents to put their empty bottles and cans where they belong ahead of this festive season – in the yellow lid recycling bin!

Mayor Peter Flannery said this was a great message to kickstart National Recycling Week (November 8-14) to encourage simple behavioural change.

“Don’t let your empty bottles and cans end up in landfill this festive season – let’s all do the right thing by recycling them in our yellow bins or a Containers for Change refund point,” he said.

“I know it’s not even December yet, but it doesn’t mean we can’t start recycling our containers correctly now and put a stop to unnecessary plastic and aluminium filling up our landfills.

“And if you’re really clever you can return your empties to a Containers for Change refund point to get a little extra pocket money ahead of Christmas.

“Currently Queenslanders use more than 3 billion drink containers each year at an average of 1.5 containers per person per day.

“The good news is we recycle 2 billion of those containers every year through the Containers for Change scheme but there’s still 1 billion going into landfill.

“So let’s all make an effort to recycle every single container starting from today.”

Council is also running three free workshops on waste management and recycling to celebrate the 25th National Recycling Week.

“Recycling obviously covers a lot more than just containers but not everyone knows the correct way to dispose or recycle their waste, which is why we’re putting on these free workshops,” he said.

“For example, we still pickup yellow bins full of recycling that’s been wrapped up in a plastic bag. The soft plastic bag or bagged items can’t be sorted or recycled through the recycling bin collection service.

“Removing unrecyclable plastic bags from yellow bins is a simple change that makes a huge difference.

“Jump online now and book your spot before the workshops fill up!”

For more information about National Recycling Week in Moreton Bay Region, please visit: Recycling, let's sort it! - Moreton Bay Regional Council