Designing the best home for the Moreton Bay climate is easy

Published 18 November 2021


Moreton Bay Regional Council this week released two new home and living guides to get people thinking about smart design, climate efficiency and affordable living ideas, before they start building their dream home.

Mayor Peter Flannery said living affordability and housing affordability go hand in hand—you know how much your house and land package is going to cost you, but do you think about the future running costs of your home and if the design will meet the lifestyle you want? 

“Moreton Bay residents are demanding a return to decent-sized back yards with room to grow a tree, space for the kids to run around and a private place to enjoy the best climate in the world.

“The design of some homes just aren’t meeting the everyday living needs of our residents; they aren’t taking advantage of natural ventilation and simple shading techniques that are right for our climate, so people need to rely on constant air-conditioning to keep cool in the summer months.

“Our home and living guidelines are full of practical tips and smart ideas for people building or renovating their dream home.

 “Making smart choices at the start can save you money in the long run, improve your year-round comfort and a home that’s consistent with the Moreton Bay and Queensland character.

“Designing your home with the Moreton Bay climate and lifestyle in mind doesn’t mean blowing the budget.

“Your next generation home guideline provides valuable tips for achieving affordable housing design, cheaper energy bills and making it more functional for all occupants.

“Thinking about the design of your home so it can adapt to the changing life stages of your family with the ability to integrate new technologies can future proof your home and result in a greater return on your investment.

 “Our residents have said they expect us to deliver a well-planned region, and this is one way we are working to achieve this.

“We’re reshaping our planning for the region and this also means encouraging better house design to create a more liveable and sustainable region—it’s one of the things our residents love most about this area,” he said.

These guidelines are aimed at helping people to ask the right questions of their house designer and builder before they make big decisions like building a home, including:

  • Is my house designed with privacy in mind?
  • Will my air conditioning and heating costs be high?
  • Will my windows let in cooling breezes and warming natural light?
  • Will I have space to grow a tree or some vegies?
  • Is there enough space to have friends over for a BBQ?
  • Is the backyard big enough for the kids play equipment or for the dog to run around?

 “There’s so much to love about Moreton Bay so it’s no surprise people are moving here in droves. 

“We want our next generation homes and neighbourhoods to be better for our residents and better for the region and it’s the homes we choose to build that will make for great streets and contribute to the local character of our neighbourhoods.

“We are one of the fastest growing regions in Australia, so by 2041 we’ll need an additional 88,000 houses to cater for the 690,000 people that will call Moreton Bay home, that’s around 4,500 new homes every year.  

“Building a home is a big investment so you need to make every design decision count.

“So, if you’re thinking about building or renovating a home in the Moreton Bay Region, please read our home and living guides before you start planning and building,” Mayor Flannery said.