Road verge landscaping and artificial turf

The road verge forms part of the road reserve between the kerb and the front property boundary. If no kerb exists, it is between the table drain and the front property boundary. The road verge is controlled and managed by Council.

Council acknowledges that verge gardens exist which pre-date the guidelines. They are exempt from the requirements outlined within the guidelines unless public safety and pedestrian access issues are raised with Council.

Constructing a verge garden

Residents must review the Road verge planting guidelines (PDF, 2MB) and completely the new community plantings within the road verge checklist (PDF, 175KB). All responses to the checklist must be yes for your proposal to comply.

Installing artificial turf within the road verge

Before starting the installation of artificial turf, residents must review the relevant guidelines (PDF, 699KB) and complete the checklist for artificial turf installation within the road verge (PDF, 698KB), and submit the checklist along with an Alteration of public land application form to Council for approval. For your proposal to comply, all responses to the checklist must be yes. Refer to Alteration of public land for more information.

If your proposal complies, submit your checklist

Your completed checklist and supporting documentation must be submitted to Council via post, in person or email before installation works can commence. Once submitted, you may start construction.