Dog Attacks Down, But Mayor Still Targeting Zero

Published 13 July 2021

Dog attacks down

Dog Attacks Down, But Mayor Still Targeting Zero

Council’s zero tolerance policy towards dangerous dogs is paying off with attacks on both people and dogs decreasing over the past year.

But Mayor Peter Flannery said he was disappointed to see an increase in attacks on native wildlife and other domesticated animals over the same period.

“It’s positive that we’re trending in the right direction, but it’s a blight on our region that we are still averaging two dog attacks each day on people or other animals,” he said.

“Clearly there’s still more work to be done, because there are a small number of irresponsible animal owners still failing to properly restrain and train their pets.

“Council is going to trial something new to strengthen our Responsible Pet Ownership education efforts, every month we’re going to host a free ‘Pets in Public Spaces’ activity to educate owners and also microchip their dogs for free.

“As a dog owner and lover I think this fantastic initiative, especially for new pet owners.

“We know there’s been a significant increase in pet purchases and adoptions through COVID-19, so if you haven’t had your dog microchipped then come along.

“One unfortunate result of lockdown has been an increase risk to other animals like wildlife and domesticated cats, with those attacks rising a regrettable amount.

“I know the State Government has had a lot on its plate managing the spread of coronavirus, but I think it’s time to revisit our commitment from the LGAQ meeting in 2019

“I know the former Attorney General Yvette D’Ath was very concerned about dog attacks in her electorate of Redcliffe and, now as Health Minister, I know she’s been moved by the stories of dog attack victims and the lifelong scars they live with both physically and emotionally.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, 99% of dog owners do the right thing, but it’s the 1% who disregard their responsibilities that cause a lifetime of trauma for dog attack victims.

“It’s simply not good enough to blame an animal for a person’s negligence anymore.

“Council will continue doing its part to support responsible pet owners, and we will continue to throw the book at irresponsible pet owners.

“Last month we sent four dog owners to be prosecuted by the courts after investigations concluded their negligence had enabled their animals to pose a threat to public safety through attacks on persons and animals.

“I want everyone in our region to be able to confidently walk down the street without ever fearing the risk of a dog attack.”

Council conducts an annual regulated dog inspection program to monitor dog owner’s compliance with mandatory conditions for keeping a regulated dog.

This year’s program commenced on 1 April 2021 and the inspection of 382 regulated dogs will conclude on 30 June 2021.

You can help Council bring dangerous dog owners to justice by reporting dog attacks, you can call Council 24/7 on 3205 0555 or 1300 477 161.

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