Suttons Beach Revitalisation Enters Next Phase

Published 10 August 2023


Council has lodged the development application for the demolition of the Suttons Beach Pavilion, to ready this iconic site for the construction of a new Pavilion structure. 

This application is code assessable and, if demolition is approved, Council will landscape the area and install temporary amenities. 

Mayor Peter Flannery said he hoped the works would be able to be completed as soon as possible, so local families could have full use of the precinct. 

“I know some locals are concerned by how long this has taken, but we promised campaigners we would investigate all elements of the site’s value and structural integrity before proceeding,” Mayor Flannery said. 

“Knowing that unfortunately the building cannot be saved, I think it’s now important that we get to work on the next phase. 

“This year’s Budget included $1.25 million not only to remove the building and undertake planning, but also do some landscaping, to enable families to again use this popular area properly. 

“The demolition of the Pavilion building will not include the rotunda, it will remain in place in some form for visitors to enjoy, as Cr Karl Winchester campaigned for on behalf of his community.  

“We have analysed the community feedback provided during community consultations between March 21 to April 16 and it’s clear that respondents want a balance between an Art Deco aesthetic and contemporary design elements, in the construction of a new building. 

“The feedback shows people want a 1920s Art Deco look and feel to the building, but they want to incorporate modern design features to suit our subtropical climate. 

“Of course the success of this depends on us securing State and Federal Government funding so that we can construct something great that will stand the test of time. 

“We will seek funding via the liveability stream in the SEQ City Deal, to build a new community facility for everyone to enjoy, but it means we don’t yet know when construction on a new building can get underway.” 

Cr Karl Winchester (Div 6) said he hoped the State and Federal Governments would see the need to contribute funding to achieve something great here. 

“Our waterfront is truly spectacular and by comparison to other cities underutilised, so I really want to see a complementary design that enhances this potential while also paying homage to the Pavilion building we all know and loved,” Cr Winchester said. 

“I genuinely think there’s an opportunity here to turn this precinct into an icon for our region, that will become a source of pride and excitement for the whole City of Moreton Bay.  

“I’m glad the rotunda will remain in place through the demolition works and temporary redesign of the precinct, although I recognise there may be a need to move the rotunda from its current location during the rebuild phase of the Pavilion.

“I also want to thank locals for bringing to our attention the lack of lighting at night in this area, particularly the rotunda, and can confirm that we will be erecting a solar-powered light pole to illuminate this area in the interim.”

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