Street lighting

The majority of lights, streetlights and/or poles on road reserves, along footpaths and within parks and foreshore areas are the responsibility of Energex to maintain.

Contact Energex by:

Powerlines down or live wires exposed? Contact Energex urgently on 13 62 62.

Council responsibility

Council is responsible for maintaining some decorative lighting:

  • on road reserves
  • in parks and reserves and around park facilities, i.e. barbeques
  • solar lighting
  • lighting around Council buildings
  • lights in trees.

Report issues about lighting

Street light cover/shade 

Council has adopted the Shading of street lights policy(PDF, 138KB) which addresses the concerns of residents when a streetlight glare problem is reported. Council will consider a shade if it meets the general standard of lighting in the area, traffic safety and needs of pedestrians.

This policy applies to:

  • streetlights that existed prior to the requester’s occupation of the residence
  • new street light installations arranged by developers or Council
  • all roads and pathways controlled by Council.

It does not apply to street lights on declared main roads or private roads on freehold land. 

Requests for light cover/shade

Requests for the installation of a street light cover/shade may be lodged when the light from a street light causes excessive nuisance. The Street light shade application(PDF, 467KB) must be completed, and the relevant fee paid.

Once the application is received, an assessment of the streetlight and the surrounding area will be conducted. Council will notify the applicant of the outcome of the investigation.

Extra street lighting

Extra street lighting can be requested by completing the Additional street lighting application(PDF, 314KB). This includes requests for lights that are to be placed on a footpath alongside a road and/or attached to an electricity pole.