Suttons Beach Pavilions Structural Integrity Report Publicly Released

Published 01 March 2023

Suttons beach pavilion

The 600-page structural integrity report into the viability of the Suttons Beach Pavilion has been publicly released, following Council’s meeting on Wednesday.  

Mayor Peter Flannery urged all locals to read the report, but warned it would be heartbreaking for some. 

“There’s no sugar-coating the enormity of the remediation and rectification works we will need to undertake in order to have another building that meets modern design standards in this location,” he said. 

“There is no way of even undertaking rectification works without removal of significant building extents to enable the respective repairs, for example to rectify the first-floor slab would require removal of the whole first floor, that’s how bad the decay to concrete and timber is inside the building. 

“Whilst maintenance programs have been employed, the fact that the back of the building abuts a cliff face has resulted in unavoidable water ingress, compounded by the coastal environmental conditions, has seen the building exceed its serviceable life.  

“There is now a great opportunity to provide an alternative facility that is better located, designed for increased resilience to the coastal environment and more importantly meeting the requirements of the current and future community needs. 

“Releasing the report publicly and committing to undertake public consultation on the future of this site is Council delivering on our promise to be transparent with our community through our decision making processes. 

“We do not want secrecy or miscommunication about its findings.  

“It’s true that undertaking the additional invasive testing has come at a significant cost to ratepayers, but Council decided it was needed to give locals peace of mind that no stone has been left unturned in trying to find a way to preserve the significance of this place.  

“We will now go away and do some work on possible rebuild options for the community to consider, as this work will also come at a considerable cost to ratepayers. 

“I want to acknowledge the work of the Suttons Beach Pavilions Preservation Group (SBPPG) and reassure them that we’ve heard them loud and clear that they want to see a permanent building at this location and in an art deco style. 

“That will absolutely be one of the options we put out for community consultation.  

“We’ve also heard their calls for some of the original site or original brickwork to be retained as a recognition of this site’s history, and while I can’t predetermine a decision of Council I personally think that’s very appropriate.” 

Mayor Flannery said he hoped to have more information for the community before the end of March, so community consultation can commence on a way forward. 

The 600-page report highlights all issues identified with the elements of the building that were tested including: 

  • Foundations and footing
  • Slab on ground
  • Rear retaining wall
  • Ground floor brick walls and brick columns
  • Concrete beams and southern suspended stairs
  • Upper floor wall and roof framing
  • Upper floor brickwork
  • Extension components 

The full report can be found online at: