Lighting of fires in the open

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Lighting of fires on allotments 3000m2 or less

Lighting or maintaining a fire on an allotment 3,000 square metres or less is NOT permitted unless the fire is contained in a barbeque or another cooking device. Use clean and dry combustible material. 

Lighting of fires on allotments 3001m2 or greater

Lighting or maintaining a fire on an allotment greater than 3,001 square metres is permitted in the circumstances explained below.

Characteristics of fire

Permitted where one of the following is met:

  • fire does not exceed 2 metres in height, 2 metres in width or 2 metres in length 
  • fire lit outdoors for the purpose of burning the carcass of a beast
  • fire lit outdoors, if enclosed in a fireplace so constructed as to prevent the escape of fire or any burning material from the fireplace. 


  • only clean and dry non-toxic combustible material may be burned
  • only one fire may be burning at any time
  • appropriate fire fighting equipment, which may include water, hoses and pumps, must be on site at all times
  • fires must not be lit before 7:00 AM and must be extinguished no later than dusk, on the same day
  • ashes must be thoroughly wetted down when a fire is extinguished
  • the person proposing to light a fire must verbally advise all neighbours of their intention to light a fire and the date on which this will occur. If unable to provide verbal advice, then written advice of the intention to light a fire must be provided. It is recommended that adjoining neighbours are given at least 48 hours’ notice
  • fires must be set back at least 6 metres from every property boundary and building
  • a responsible person must be in attendance at the fire until the fire is extinguished.

Fires exceeding 2 metres in height, 2 metres in width or 2 metres in length are not regulated by Moreton Bay Regional Council and are not permitted unless authorised under a permit from Queensland Fire And Emergency Services (QFES). For any enquiries regarding these fires contact QFES on (07) 5420 3733.

The Fire and Emergency Service website provides further information in regards to fire bans, restrictions and how to obtain a permit to light fire.

Prohibited fires

The lighting of fires on public land is not permitted at any time.