School-based road safety and travel programs

Two kids in blue school uniforms on their bikes

Accessible Schools Program

Council’s Accessible Schools Program delivers infrastructure, and school safety and behaviour change initiatives. These initiatives aim to ease school traffic congestion and improve road safety by encouraging children to walk or ride to school instead. 

To achieve this the program will:

  • encourage and promote walking, cycling, and scooting to school
  • create safe and connected environments for all modes of transport
  • educate people on sustainable travel options.

Benefits of the Accessible Schools Program

The program aims to improve pedestrian safety, traffic congestion, school parking, and access to schools by installing:

  • new and raised pedestrian crossings
  • improvements to existing pedestrian crossings
  • bus infrastructure in collaboration with TransLink
  • signals, pavement markings, and lane and speed controls in school zones and at pedestrian facilities
  • direct pathways to reduce the walking or riding distance to schools
  • shade along pathways to protect from the sun and inclement weather
  • remote parking within a 5-minute walk from schools and better parking efficiency.

Council is delivering the program in partnership with the Queensland Government, the Department of Education and local school communities.

Active School Travel Program

The Active school Travel Program is an initiative for local schools provided by City of Moreton Bay. Active travel refers to using alternative methods such as bicycles, walking, scooters, or public transport instead of a car. The program encourages active travel through fun activities, education, and incentives and awards.

In addition to improving congestion, studies show that active school travel programs have extra health benefits for children, including:

  • improved concentration
  • a greater level of independence
  • opportunities to socialise
  • improved sense of well-being. 

How to get involved in active school travel 

To get involved, you can:

  • complete a travel survey through your child's school to help Council track results and make improvements
  • include more active travel into your school pick up/drop off routine
  • talk to your children about active travel and encourage them to ride or walk to school
  • travel together to and from school or meet your child along the active transport route to encourage safety in numbers
  • volunteer to participate in your child’s school’s active school travel committee.

A small change can make a big difference to school traffic congestion and your well-being.

More information on school-based road safety and travel

To find out more, or if you have any concerns about school road safety, contact Council’s Accessible Schools team by emailing