Funding boost for roads to ensure better maintenance

Published 17 March 2022

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Council’s road asset maintenance and renewal budget will increase from $2.06 million to $2.26 million from next financial year, with Council today unanimously voting to increase funding by around $305,000 each year to keep pace with the pressures of our region’s growing population.

That represents a $1.9 million increase in total expenditure over the next three years alone for bus stops, traffic lights, cycleways, kerb and channelling and more.

Acting Mayor Jodie Shipway said the increases would continue over the next three years, with Council responsible for around 64,000 road assets worth $436.1 million.

“This is significant but essential spending on everything from guardrails and signage to traffic lights and pedestrian crossings,” she said.

“I see it as an investment into the long-term future of infrastructure on and around our roads, by ensuring Council’s maintenance funding levels are adequate enough to meet the service standards expected by our community.

“Importantly we’re also increasing our investment into on-road cycleways and cycleway maintenance - which is part of our commitment to ‘Going Green as we Grow’.

“I think this is a great example of this Council hearing the concerns of our community and acting on them, by taking a proactive approach to the management of our road assets.

“Ramping-up this investment will prolong the expected useful life of our assets, reducing the number of times they need to be replaced - which ultimately saves our ratepayers money.

“I’m proud to say that our roads are in a generally good condition, with over 67% of our assets in a good or very good condition.

“The floods have obviously had an impact on that, and we’re immediately responding to this need.

“This is about responsible, effective, and sustainable management of our roads assets.”

Increased Investments will include:

  • $150,000 boost for signage maintenance
  • $150,000 annual increase for traffic light renewals and upgrades
  • $110,000 additionally for cycleway symbol replacement
  • $100,000 annual increase for guardrail replacement
  • $50,000 increase for bus stops each year
  • $50,000 extra each year for traffic islands