Managing growth and higher density living - tell us what you think!

Published 19 July 2022

Moreton Says

Moreton Bay is growing and with this growth comes change, which is why we’re asking you to have your say on what this change looks like in the next round of Council’s region-wide Moreton Says survey.

Mayor Peter Flannery urged all residents to jump onto the Your Say website and tell us what you love about your neighbourhood and what unique characteristics you’d like to preserve as we grow.

“It’s no wonder new residents are choosing to move to Moreton Bay from all over Australia, with our rich connection to nature, our beautiful green parks, and our myriad of sports and recreational facilities, while benefiting from the luxuries of being close to the city,” he said.

“But I know that every community in Moreton Bay from Bribie Island to Woodford, Samford to Redcliffe, has its own unique charm that makes living here so great.

“In our previous Moreton Says survey, many of you told us it’s important to preserve that character - so now we’re drilling down into what those specific things are so we can incorporate them into our planning for the future.

“Part of that means we’ll need to have important conversations about what higher density living looks like and where you’d like to see it.

“All of our previous feedback from surveys tells us Moreton Bay locals want us to preserve the environment and the semi-rural living we’ve enjoyed for decades.

“But in order to do that and to accommodate for increased growth, we’ll have to put higher density living like units and townhouses into our planning around certain areas that are already built up.

“Essentially, you simply can’t retain open expansive living without incorporating higher density somewhere else, which is why we want your input on where that will be and what it will look like.

“The benefits of higher density living means better access to services, infrastructure and commercial activity within localised areas - like being able to walk to the shops, to schools and to public transport.

“I know there are some reservations from the community too, which is understandable, and that’s why we’re asking for your feedback so we can create a better future for our children and their children.

“We want to take what makes Moreton Bay so great right now and build on that through our planning, so in 20 years’ time Moreton Bay reflects the values and expectations of our community.”

The Moreton Says survey is open until 5pm on Monday 8 August 2022 on the Your Say website: Moreton Says Survey | Your Say Moreton Bay

It’s easy to register online to complete the survey.

Your input is confidential and for people who have limited access online, printed copies of the survey are available at Council Libraries and Customer Services Centre, or you can join the conversation by calling 1300 477 161.

The Moreton Bay Regional Council engagement team will be popping up locally over the next month to talk about the survey at various locations. Those include:

  • Marketplace Warner on Thursday 21 July
  • Bite Markets on Friday 22 July
  • Pine Rivers Show from Friday 29 to Sunday 31 July
  • Caboolture Markets on Sunday 1 August