Free Domestic Green Waste Disposal Sept 19-30

Published 30 August 2022

Get Ready - Domestic Green Waste Exemption

It might not be what the kids had planned for the September School Holidays, but the sunny weather right now is the perfect time to prepare your yard for the coming storm and bushfire season.

Mayor Peter Flannery said Council was allowing free domestic green waste disposal from September 19 to 30 - to encourage families to remove dangerous branches, trim hedges and tidy up the lawn.

“This is a temporary exemption for self-haul residential customers from domestic green waste charges and annual free waste disposal limits,” he said.

“Domestic green waste brought in during this period as single loads (no other waste in your load) will not be counted to your 3 tonne/ 26 visits annual free disposal allowance.    

“So please make use of this initiative, it’s a practical way for Council to help our community prepare for the coming storm and bushfire season.

“These include branches, palm fronds, weeds, tree and shrub prunings, loose bark and grass clippings.

“I strongly encourage residents participating in this program to only take green waste loads to your local waste facility (no mixed loads) to facilitate operations and reduce time spend at the facility.

“Also, I’d recommend going on a weekday or during off-peak hours to avoid the congestion and delays we usually see on weekends.

“We have livestream cameras installed at our major waste facilities, so you can jump online and see how long the queue is before you head there.

“On each facility webpage you can also check graphs with peak periods per day of the week per hour. This is really helpful to save you time.”

Link to Council’s waste facility livestreams:

Domestic customers will be able to visit your local Waste Facility during Councils Get Ready Green Waste Exemption from 19th - 30th September 2022.

Major waste facilities (Caboolture WMF, Dakabin WMF, Bunya WMF) will be open for extended periods (from 6:00am to 6:00pm) during these days only to allow you to avoid the busy periods”   

Mayor Flannery said while ‘Get Ready Week’ isn’t until October 10-16, cleaning up your yard early is the perfect time to talk with family and neighbours about things like:

  1. Know the flood and fire risks in your neighbourhood
  2. Preparing an emergency plan for your home
  3. Having an emergency kit pre-packed at home

“Council has done a huge amount of work following since the floods to ensure our roads are repaired, our sandbagging stations are ready to go, our stormwater drains are clear, dangerous trees have been removed and our evacuation centres have been restocked,” mayor Flannery said.

“Council isn’t anticipating the worst, but we want to be prepared for anything.

“I urge locals to use this time now do the same, especially before we all get busy with Christmas.

“Clean up the backyard, have a chat with your household about how to prepare, check on your insurance, and most importantly, make sure you’re getting the latest information and severe weather warnings by signing up to MoretonAlert.”

For more information about the green waste exemption: Get Ready - Green waste exemption - Moreton Bay Regional Council

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