Keep your mind, body and spirit active with new low cost program

Published 29 July 2022

Healthy & Active Moreton Yoga Class

You now don’t have to work up a sweat to get something out of Moreton Bay Regional Council’s famous Healthy & Active Moreton program with hundreds of different free-to-low cost activities on offer.

Mayor Peter Flannery said every resident is different, which is why we offer activities that will stimulate the mind and spirit  just as much as the body, and there’s an activity to suit everyone’s needs, interests and health level.

“Most people think of physical exercise when they think about keeping healthy, but the mind and the spirit are just as important, which is why we offer so many different activities to satisfy all aspects of wellness,” he said.

“Residents who don’t want to work up a sweat can dabble in things like meditation, nutrition workshops, nature and heritage walks, or even laughter and yoga classes for your social and mental wellbeing too.

“And of course we still offer all the great sports and exercise activities that our regulars love like bootcamps and high intensity training classes for all age groups, parkour, soccer, dance, windsurfing, and so much more.

“This is part of our approach to ensure there’s a free-to-low cost activity for absolutely everyone in Moreton Bay, no matter what you’re into or capable of.

“All of our activities are delivered by qualified and professional instructors in a safe, friendly and inclusive environment too, so it’s easy to get started and you might just make new friends for life.

“I encourage all residents to jump online, check out the hundreds of activities on offer and maybe try something new or different.

“I think you’ll be surprised with the range we offer, and did I mention it’s all free or low cost?”

Healthy & Active Moreton activities are available from 25 July to 11 December 2022. Visit Council’s website to view the list of activities: Healthy and Active Moreton - Moreton Bay Regional Council

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