New Zealand Warriors will call Moreton Bay home in 2022

Published 10 November 2021

New Zealand Warriors announcement

Moreton Bay Regional Council has struck a deal with the New Zealand Warriors to play five home games at Moreton Daily Stadium during the 2022 NRL season which will be worth at least $3 million to the local economy and businesses.

Mayor Peter Flannery said sports fans will get a taste of what it will be like to have our very own team the following season when The Dolphins join the NRL as the 17th licenced club.

“Council’s decision to invest $8.5 million into Moreton Daily Stadium upgrades is continuing to pay dividends for the Moreton Bay Region community with the Warriors set to call the stadium home in season 2022,” he said.

“As international travel restrictions ease in 2022 this partnership between Council and the Warriors positions us to benefit from travelling fans, tourists and even friends and family of the 21,000 New Zealanders who already call our region home.

“So far 90 Warriors team members and staff have also found homes across Moreton Bay Region, with many enrolling their children at local schools – which will increase spending locally in our supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and more.

“And the potential to leverage off Queensland’s $1 billion exports to New Zealand is a market we’ve identified as a major growth area for our region.

“Council’s new Invest Moreton Bay campaign will help us tap into those markets and our proximity to both the Brisbane Airport and Port of Brisbane makes us an ideal location to do business.

“Sports fans will also be able to enjoy five cracker NRL matches next year at Australia’s best boutique stadium right here in Moreton Bay.

“I can’t wait to see our fantastic Moreton Daily Stadium and the region on display in 2022 and hopefully that gives the rest of Australia and New Zealand a taste of what’s to come in 2023 when The Dolphins begin their NRL journey.

“The exposure to broader markets is invaluable for the entire region and will continue to build our brand as an emerging destination for business, events, tourism and to relocate.”