Council Facilities Closed - Including Waste Facilities

Published 01 August 2021

Council Facilities Update.jpg

Moreton Bay Region is one of 11 South East Queensland council areas currently in lockdown, which means almost all Council facilities other than parks are closed.

Mayor Peter Flannery said restrictions were stricter this time to try to prevent Brisbane ending up in a similar situation to Sydney and Melbourne, in the face of the virulent Delta strain.

“We all understand the health imperative, we all understand the urgency with this Delta strain and I trust everyone in our region to do the right thing as requested by the Premier,” he said. 

“But clearly as this lock-down situation is likely to happen again with this strain and until we have herd immunity, there’s a need for State and Federal Governments to support businesses.

“Particularly our tourism and events operators through the devastation of this unpredictable time, as we’re fighting to get back on our feet.

“This weekend’s glorious winter sunshine and perfect conditions almost rubbed salt in our wounds yesterday with the cancellation of Moreton Bay Food and Wine Festival, because we should be enjoying the many planned events and experiences.

“Moreton Bay Regional Council has been one of the most proactive in the country, providing around $40 million in support for local businesses and people doing it tough. 

“But we can’t fight this alone, we need governments to do more for local business across our region.

“I want to commend those locals who’ve been doing the right thing and I thank you for your patience.”

For the full list of impacted Council facilities and services visit: