Connected communities program

The Connected communities program aims to build the skills, resilience and leadership of residents to create strong connections and creatively engage with their local communities.

Delivered by experienced facilitators from Community Praxis Co-op, the program involves a series of workshops that focus on three core areas through interactive participation including:

  1. exploring the kind of communities residents want to live.
  2. exploring barriers to creating ideal communities.
  3. learning skills and methods to connect with others to create new community initiatives and projects.

Who can apply

Connected communities workshops are open to Moreton Bay residents who:

  • currently are, or would like to be, actively involved in their community
  • are interested in building new relationships with other inspired community members
  • have ideas for positive community changes
  • can commit to a series of weekly 3 hour workshops (date and times to be confirmed)
  • are able to travel to attend the workshops.