New City, New Ambition, Renewed Brand

Published 21 July 2023

City of Moreton Bay

City of Moreton Bay today launched itself as Australia’s newest city with a refreshed brand and renewed ambition to transform from a regional centre into a national player.

Residents can expect to see changes on Council’s website from Monday 24 July, but physical signage will be transitioned over a number of years in line with Council’s commitment to keep this a cost minimal exercise.

City of Moreton Bay Mayor Peter Flannery said this is an exciting coming-of-age moment for Moreton Bay’s diverse communities.

“As Australia’s newest city we have an opportunity to rewrite the rule book on what a modern city can be,” Mayor Flannery said.

“Through continued collaboration with our residents, businesses, and stakeholders we will nurture a city that thrives on ambition and innovation based around our existing centres - that’s the concept of our polycentric city model.

“The philosophy of this transformation is to first preserve and invest in the lifestyle we love right now, so that we don’t lose our character in the face of incredible population growth.

“Specifically that means retaining the country charm of our rural towns and protecting our spectacular coastline to foster sustainable development of new housing, industries, retail, and manufacturing.

“We are dedicated to creating a vibrant urban experience where community, economy, and environment flourish hand-in-hand.

“But we recognise that we need to be more forward-thinking than Councils have been in the past, because we want to be a city that is energetic, enthusiastic, and nimble enough to grab new opportunities as they emerge.

“As Mayor I am tired of seeing opportunities walk past Moreton Bay because people think we’re a regional centre or not equipped to handle major new investment.

“We have some of the greatest entrepreneurs and thinkers in the country based right here in City of Moreton Bay across sectors including advanced manufacturing, medical research, agricultural innovation, education and much more.

“Of all SEQ Councils we are uniquely positioned to embrace new technological and industry opportunities, thanks to our proximity to the Brisbane CBD, port and airport, as well as the incredible space and natural amenities we have here that make us unique.

“Our refreshed logo signifies the start of a transformative journey for the City of Moreton Bay.

“We are driven by our ambition to become a trailblazing city that balances economic progress with environmental sustainability and community wellbeing.

“Which is why we have opted for a logo refresh with a nod to the past, because we promised this would be a minimal cost exercise.

“So all the colours and elements of our previous logo remain the same, we have just modernised the design.”

City of Moreton Bay’s logo still symbolises our city's diverse communities through three distinct layers:

  • The green embodies our hinterland communities, symbolising our connection with nature, green spaces, and our commitment to environmental sustainability. It represents the importance of preserving our natural assets and promoting a harmonious relationship between our city and the environment. 
  • The orange layer signifies our urban and coastline communities. It reflects the vibrancy and energy of our city's urban areas and the dynamic relationship between our city and its coastal regions. 
  • The blue wave represents our ocean and waterways, highlighting the significance of these elements in our city's identity. It symbolises our close relationship with the water, whether through recreational activities, maritime industries, or the preservation of marine ecosystems. 

Mayor Peter Flannery said the digital rollout of the new title and logo would start from next week, but physical signage changes will only happen as needed within the existing maintenance budget.