Telstra to fix Cedar Creek Blackspot

Published 20 June 2023

Telstra Telecommunications Tower.jpg

A development application outlining plans for construction of a telecommunications facility in Andy Williams Park on Cedar Creek Road has been approved by Moreton Bay Council.

The proposed facility will improve existing levels of coverage within the network as part of the Mobile Black Spot Program, allowing for more reliable telephone coverage for residents and visitors to the area.

Mayor Peter Flannery says the construction of a Telstra tower in this location will help to create a safer, more connected community.

“We’re looking to increase residents’ telephone access to emergency services in times of natural disaster and other emergencies,” Mayor Flannery said.

“This is also a blackspot area, and people often get into trouble swimming at Cedar Creek.

“Installation of this new communications facility will help to save lives.

“We’ve listened to community input during the public notice period and have considered the feedback gathered.

“Preserving the natural habitat and rural atmosphere are of utmost importance to Council, and the people in this beautiful area.

“All finalised plans will take into consideration the environmental value of the space and will contribute to our goal of a well-planned region.

“We’ll ensure that the facility and associated equipment shelter is painted with a colour that blends with the adjacent bushland vegetation.”

The subject site is located within the Recreation & Open Space zone of the Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) Planning Scheme.

Click this link for more information on Telstra's Mobile Black Spot Program