How to track Council's reshaping of our region

Published 30 July 2021

Economic Development Action Plan

Residents have welcomed Council’s new one-stop shop planning website with open arms, with 1163 unique pageviews since it launched.

Mayor Peter Flannery said the new Interactive Planning Map enabled locals to see and understand action being undertaken as part of Council’s planning for the future and how it will impact their properties.

“You can now track how Council is working to reshape our region by using our new Interactive Planning Map,” he said.

“This is an unprecedented act of transparency for Council to essentially lay out all of its plans on the table for Moreton Bay Region locals to see.

“Simply jump online, click on the information you want to see, and it will pop up on the map, giving you a visual display of the work Council is doing and whether it will affect your property.

“Benjamin Franklin famously said, ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ and in the wake of massive population growth that couldn’t be truer for Moreton Bay Region.

“That’s why Council has got on the front foot to overhaul our planning scheme and establish the new ‘Reshaping our Region’s Planning Work Portfolio’ to plan for more than 88,000 new homes over the next 20 years.

“In direct response to residents, Council has dedicated $1.6 million in this year’s budget to start reviewing things like building heights, car park ratios, Next Generation housing, Neighbourhood Plans and plans for major growth fronts like Caboolture West.

“We hear you when you say these things need to be addressed now before that population growth takes off, so we can protect our Moreton Bay way of life for years to come.

“We’ve also invested a record $245 million into our capital works program this year to ensure we will have enough greenspaces, wildlife habitat and community infrastructure like parks, playgrounds and sports facilities for when that growth comes.

“This year’s budget will be one that sets Moreton Bay Region up for the next 20-plus years by addressing planning issues that are well overdue.

“There’ll be plenty of opportunities along the way for residents to have their say on things like Neighbourhood Plans so please keep your ears and eyes open for updates.

“Together we can build a bigger, brighter and bolder future for everyone to enjoy.”

View the Interactive Planning Map.