Div 2: Investing now, for our future

Published 17 June 2022

Councillor speech video play

Within two short decades at least 200,000 more people will move to Moreton Bay and around 45,000 of them will call Division 2 home.

Councillor Mark Booth said this year’s record $816 million Budget was about increasing our infrastructure investment to ensure the lifestyle locals love isn’t just preserved, but enhanced.

“Testament to this was the massive $10 million we invested in local roads and intersections last year to improve road networks from Deception Bay and Burpengary out to Morayfield and Narangba,” he said.

“So I’m proud to be building on that track record of delivery this year, in fact in just a few days we’ll be unveiling the $500,000 streetscaping makeover of Biggs Avenue in Beachmere, which was supported with funding from the Federal Government.

“And we’ll be investing $1.9 million resurfacing 3.62km of road around Division 2, in problem spots that have been reported to us by the community.

“Now we’ve heard the overwhelming feedback of locals that we need to do more for our environment in the face of growth, and we’re acting on that.

“Our tree plantings will ramp-up by around 30% this financial year with 210,500 trees to be planted (up from 160,000 in 2021-22) to really live our mantra: Going Green As We Grow.

“That said the biggest portion of the Budget is again dedicated to our roads and transport networks, with $174.2 million allocated to projects around Moreton Bay to ensure our region keeps moving.

“But the project closest to my heart this year is actually at the smaller end of spending, with $40,000 dedicated to installing a new flood warning system at Burpengary Creek on Morayfield Road. Locals will remember the tragic drowning here back in 2015.

“The new flood road sensor here will automatically trigger illuminated signs to provide immediate warning to road users in the event of road flooding, as well as providing real time information on the flood status of the creek through our emergency systems.

“I want locals to know we’re taking action on the things you’ve raised with me, like hooning.

“So we’ll have a new portable CCTV trailer with licence plate recognition rolling out. So if you’re aware of any hot spots in your neighbourhood, please get in touch so we can try and catch offenders in the act.

“Also in response to calls from locals we’re investing $385,000 improving our active transport links along Station Road in Burpengary towards the library, where we’ll be creating a $175,000 outdoor courtyard accessible from the children’s area to make this a more family friendly space.  This is thanks to assistance from the federal government.

“We’re proud to be delivering a new $155,000 Ninja Warrior Course at Clayton Park in Beachmere, off the park of the incredibly popular one we built this year in Burpengary’s Symphony Park.

“I hope this will see more families heading to beautiful Beachmere, where we’ll also be doing a major $1.05 million overhaul of Mazlin Park with funding from the State Government to turn this into a waterfront wedding venue - which will be a massive boon for the caravan park across the road!

“Finally I want to mention that we’ll be delivering a $120,000 pathway in Morayfield all the way from the bus stop adjacent to 94 Graham Road down to Hoad Street. This will be 2m wide to improve accessibility and connectivity in this area, as requested by locals.

“So while this is a big spending budget, I’ve been very deliberate in making sure Council addresses the concerns you’ve raised with me and I will continue to do that for this community.”

Budget 2022-23 delivers a record $259 million capital works program to provide the infrastructure and investments locals have told us they want to see in their communities, via feedback in the Moreton Says survey. This Council wants to ensure our priorities align with our community’s values.

Budget Highlights for Division 2

  • $6.5 million over two years for Stage 2 of the soccer facilities at Moreton Bay Central Sports Complex, Burpengary (Including Federal Government funding)
  • $2 million for road rehabilitation for the Eastern Service Road, Burpengary East
  • $1.95 million for road and intersection upgrades on Graham Road, Morayfield
  • $1.05 million to overhaul Mazlin Park in Beachmere as a waterfront wedding venue (Including State Government funding)
  • $770,000 for road rehabilitation along Glenwood Drive, Morayfield
  • $560,000 to install new lights and CCTV at the Burpengary Sports Complex
  • $385,000 for active transport improvements along Station Road in Burpengary (Including Federal Government funding)
  • $175,000 to create an outdoor courtyard at the Burpengary Library
  • $155,000 for a Ninja Warrior Course at Clayton Park, Beachmere
  • $40,000 for a flood warning system at Burpengary Creek on Morayfield Road

Moreton Bay Fast Facts - Our Service to You

  • We collect nearly 1 million bins each month, that’s 46,000 per work day!
  • We service over 3700 km of local roads (that’s Morayfield to Melbourne and back)
  • Responsible for 1600 km of footpaths (that’s almost Caboolture to Cairns)
  • We repaired 7500 potholes in the 2021-22 Financial Year
  • We are responsible for 3464 hectares of park and open space and mowed 5000ha of grass each year
  • Tree plantings will increase at least 30% this year, with 210,500 planned in 2022-23 (Up from 160,000 in 2021-22)
  • We’re home to 634 playgrounds, 114 fitness stations, and boast 196 sporting fields across 84 with 7 new fields being brought online within the next 12 months
  • Around 207,000 tonnes of landfill is received at our sites each year, which sees nearly 1.1 million (total) trips through our waste facilities
  • We have 10 libraries, six galleries and 45 community halls

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