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Published 05 October 2023

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City of Moreton Bay's Queensland Small Business Friendly Council Annual Report solidifies Council’s class leading reputation for supporting small businesses.

With more than 30,000 small businesses in City of Moreton Bay, Mayor Peter Flannery highlighted the key accomplishments that have catapulted the city to the forefront of small business friendly councils in Queensland.

"This annual report showcases the collective effort of Council and our community to create an environment where small businesses can not only survive but thrive.

“In a year of economic uncertainty, our support of small businesses was put to the test, and we've emerged stronger than ever.

“Almost $10 billion was spent across 135 million sales transactions with Moreton Bay businesses last financial year, and that’s 10.75 per cent up on the previous year.

“2022-23 saw us deliver a multitude of events, resources, opportunities, and initiatives for small businesses; we know small businesses play a pivotal role in the City of Moreton Bay's economy, generating jobs, fostering economic growth, and enriching communities.

“We became a Queensland Small Business Friendly Council member in May 2021, and under the program charter we are committed to effective communication, supporting resilience, reducing red tape, and promoting small businesses,” Mayor Flannery said.

City of Moreton Bay’s Queensland Small Business Friendly Council 2022-23 Annual Report highlights include:

  • 92.4% customer satisfaction rating based on feedback from 748 customers.
  • Engaged with 2,871 local businesses through 3,391 support activities.
  • Presented to more than 1,000 businesses at local chamber and industry events.
  • Released 'We're Small Business Friendly' resources.
  • Introduced 'Shopfront Improvement Guidelines’.
  • Distributed $50,000 to support local business initiatives.
  • Hosted business capability-building events, networking opportunities, and collaboration events
  • Partnered with the Queensland Government on the Small Business Hub pilot.
  • Received three awards, including:
    • the Economic Development: Recovery and Resilience award at the 2023 National Economic Development Awards for Excellence
    • national awards for Regional Growth with the ‘Ask Morty’ automated data concierge service), and a career starter award with the ‘My Future in Moreton Bay’ free virtual work experience program.

The achievements highlighted in the Queensland Small Business Friendly Council Annual Report underscores City of Moreton Bay’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and resilient local business environment, driving economic growth and innovation within the community.

The total number of GST-registered businesses based in the City of Moreton increased by 1,014 in the year ending March 2023. Both new business registration and net increase in business numbers exceed pre-COVID numbers.

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