Get Ready - Before Bushfires or Storms Hit

Published 29 August 2022

Get Ready

Get Ready Week may not be until October 10-16 but the sunny weather right now is the perfect time to prepare your home and family for the coming storm season.

Mayor Peter Flannery said when it comes to extreme weather events it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’.

“News from the Bureau of Meteorology that we could be in for a wet spring and summer is the last thing we want after the start we had this year, but it’s a timely reminder to get prepared early,” Mayor Flannery said.

“We all remember the widespread damage of February’s prolonged rainfall and some people are still waiting on home repairs.

“So ask yourself: If the worst was to happen, would you be prepared?

“Council has done a huge amount of work since the floods to ensure our roads are repaired, our sandbagging stations are ready to go, our stormwater drains are clear, dangerous trees have been removed and our evacuation centres have been restocked - Council isn’t anticipating the worst, but we are prepared for anything.

“I urge locals to use this time now to do the same, especially before we all get busy with Christmas.

“Clean up the backyard, have a chat with your household about how to prepare, check on your insurance, and most importantly, make sure you’re getting the latest information and severe weather warnings by signing up to receive MoretonAlert.”

  1. Know your risk
  2. Prepare an emergency plan
  3. Pack an emergency kit

Moreton Bay Region has, tragically, seen flood-related deaths in past severe weather events.

Mayor Flannery said members of the Local and Distract Disaster Management Groups are acutely aware of the need for organisational preparedness, and early warning messaging to ensure residents don’t take any unnecessary risks or put themselves in harm’s way.

“As an organisation MBRC is always learning and we have accounted for over 1,400 observations from the most recent disaster experience to help us identify areas where we can improve our responses and the services we provide the community, this will be an ongoing piece of work,” he said.

“We are making sure our staff and processes are ready early to help us manage fatigue effectively amongst our workforce whilst we continue to navigate the complications of the COVID Safe working environment.

“That’s why we’re prepared already, and why we’re asking locals to do the same to minimise personal risk.”
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