Report a fallen tree

Council will attend to fallen trees that are located on Council land, or where a tree has fallen from Council land into private property. 

Council does not attend to fallen trees on main roads or within the road reserve of a main road. 

To report fallen trees on roads, footpaths, or within parks and reserves, contact Council or use the Snap Send Solve app. 

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Request a tree for your street

Street trees are an excellent addition to footpaths.

Residents can request the installation of a street tree, however the type of tree and its location is approved and installed by Council. This ensures minimal damage to infrastructure, including power lines.

Request street tree installation

Request maintenance of a street tree

Maintenance of street trees cannot be carried out by residents. To report an issue, contact Council.

Request tree maintenance

Residents are not permitted to carry out planting on the footpath unless they are wanting to construct a verge garden.

For requests for street tree trimming near power lines, contact Energex on 13 12 53.

Report a problem tree

Tree roots may cause significant damage to sewers and drains.  Property owners should consider the growth habits of trees before planting.

Commonly planted trees which cause problems are:

  • Figs
  • Rubber plants
  • Willows
  • Mango trees
  • Poincianas
  • Coral trees
  • West African tulip trees
  • Umbrella trees
  • Camphor laurels

Council recommends planting native trees as they need minimal maintenance and support local wildlife.

Complaints about trees on private property are to be referred to the property owner.

For problem trees on a footpath or in a Council park, contact Council.

Report a problem tree