Queensland waste levy

The Queensland Government has developed a Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy to increase recycling and recovery activities and boost economic and employment opportunities linked to these industries.

The strategy underpinned by a waste levy, commenced on 1 July 2019 in 39 local government areas, including the Moreton Bay Region.

Although the levy applies to waste disposed to landfill by both residents and businesses, the Queensland Government has committed to ensuring the levy has no direct impact on households.

This means residents will not be directly charged the levy for the disposal of their household Municipal Solid Waste (domestic waste).

The waste levy seeks to:

  • encourage resource recovery and recycling
  • discourage landfill disposal
  • provide funding for programs to promote resource recovery and better waste management practices
  • secure and increase the quantity of recyclable materials captured for processing
  • facilitate industry investment in resource recovery initiatives.

Councils will be required to collect the levy on behalf of the State Government.

The State Government levy on general waste going to landfill is $80 per tonne (excl. GST) (as at 1 January 2021). The waste levy does not apply on recyclable materials - so make sure you continue to put your yellow topped bin to great use. 

Exemptions also apply for certain types of waste. 

For a full list of items you can save from going to landfill, refer to What can I put in my bins - Recycling bin (yellow lid).