What the waste levy means for business


How does the levy apply to business, commercial and industrial activities?

Businesses, industry and commercial operators will be charged the State Government waste levy for all materials going to landfill, as well as any regulated waste. Major commercial waste facilities are located at Bunya, Caboolture and Dakabin.

Visit the waste and recycling section of this website for more information on waste minimisation and the programs available to residents, schools, community organisations and businesses.

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If I only have a load of recyclable materials, will I be charged a fee at the waste facility?

If the recyclable waste relates to a business, commercial or industrial activity, only the existing council gate charges will apply, not the waste levy.

Note that contaminated or mixed waste that cannot be recycled must be sent to landfill and therefore will be levied.

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Does GST apply on the State Government waste levy?

The State Government waste levy does attract GST.

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Are there any levy exemptions or discounts?

Some waste may be exempt from the waste levy, either by automatic exemption or by approval from the Department of Environment and Science. Exempt waste will not incur the levy.

Some waste types are automatically exempt from the levy under section 26 of the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011, and do not require an application, including waste resulting from a declared natural disaster such as a cyclone, bushfire or flood.

Other exemptions are available on application under section 28 of the Act, including waste received as part of charity donations that cannot practicably be re-used, recycled or sold.

A full list of exempt waste categories and criteria can be found in the waste levy legislation.

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