What is #TeamMoretonBay?

Team Moreton Bay (#TeamMoretonBay) is more than a team, it’s a movement. It’s a collaboration across business, industry, and community of the Moreton Bay region who believe that we can develop our region to be a destination of choice across Queensland, Australia and the world.

#TeamMoretonBay was formed to pull together our industry, business and community partners from around the region to achieve the goals of the Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS), launched in February 2021.

Together, we can achieve the ambitions of the REDS and create a world-class destination for the future, right here in the Moreton Bay region.

Don’t be left on the bench — this is your opportunity to join #TeamMoretonBay as we embark on the journey to make our region bigger, bolder, brighter.

How to get involved?

If your business is doing something interesting, we want to hear about it!

If your non-for-profit group is helping to support business in the region, we want to hear about it!

If you are working to inspire others to achieve greatness in the region, we want to hear about it!

Most importantly, we want to share your story, if you will share yours with us. Use #TeamMoretonBay when posting on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and keep an eye out for our re-post or feature on our page.

Follow, share and celebrate #TeamMoretonBay.