Community leasing

Council provides land and facilities for eligible not-for-profit community organisations through leases, licences and other tenure arrangements for sport, recreation, cultural and community purposes.

Council has an adopted Community leasing policy(PDF, 205KB) and Terms and Conditions of Tenure Guidelines(PDF, 374KB) which demonstrates Council's commitment to maximising community benefit by ensuring equitable distribution of facilities and land. 

Tenure agreements are prepared in accordance with the policy. It provides key information about;
  • eligibility criteria
  • types of tenure offered
  • maintenance responsibilities
  • outgoings
  • ownership of assets, and
  • insurances.

Current tenants

As a tenant of a Council facility, written consent is required before:

  • entering into a sub-lease agreement with a third party
  • making improvements or alterations to the leased facility
  • assigning the lease to a third party
  • applying for a liquor and/or gaming licence
  • applying to mortgage the lease.

Refer to Council’s Community leasing policy for details regarding tenants ongoing maintenance responsibilities. If maintenance is required which is Council’s responsibility:

Lodge maintenance request

Application to undertake works at a community leased, licenced or permitted facility

Improvements and alterations

Tenants (including sub-tenants and co-tenants) of a community leased, licenced or permitted facility must submit an Improvement Works Application (IWA) to obtain Council’s written consent prior to undertaking any proposed improvements within or associated with the lease, licence or permit area, e.g. new building work, building extensions, air conditioning, solar panels, signage. Council may consent with conditions or refuse applications at its discretion.

Failure to obtain Council’s written consent before undertaking any work may result in Council requiring the tenant to remove or order the immediate non-use or securing of such items at the expense of the tenant.

Tenants proposing to undertake major works, such as a new building or a building extension, must liaise with a Council Sport and Recreation Officer prior to submitting an application to identify any site constraints that may need consideration when planning the project.

Preparing your application

Several supporting documents will be required to support the application. It is important to ensure all supporting documents are attached during the application process. If there is any missing information, the application will be considered incomplete and will not progress until such time as all information has been provided.

Required information and attachments may include:

  • site plan/aerial - this can be hand-drawn and should identify all existing structures and the location of the proposed works. The site plan should also identify any site boundaries, trees, vegetation or water courses located in the vicinity of the works
  • quotation for the proposed works - including supply, installation and certification (where applicable)
  • plans of the proposed works - where applicable, this should include details such as dimensions, materials, colours, water/sewer/electrical infrastructure, floor plans, make/model, slab/footings design, elevations, etc.
  • a copy of the organisation's certificate of currency for public liability insurance
  • for sub-tenants and co-tenants - a letter of support for your proposed project from the head-lessee or co-tenant. The letter of support should include details of the project and proposed scope of works
  • any additional information that will support the application and assist the assessing officers to understand the proposed scope of works. 

Assessment time frame

Once the application is received, the assessment period can take up to six weeks to complete. This allows Council time to consult with relevant stakeholders about the proposed works. This time frame should be taken into consideration when planning any works or applying for grants. In some cases, further approvals may be required from other local or state government authorities, such as development approvals. 

For further information regarding the Improvement Works (IWA) application requirements please refer to Council’s - Community Leasing - Improvement Works Application (IWA)(PDF, 155KB) factsheet.

Submit an online Improvement works application (IWA):

Apply now

Locks and keys

Keys and locks are restricted, therefore approval is required before locksmiths can make copies. Tenants are generally responsible for the cost of replacement and additional keys.

If additional, or replacement keys or locks are required, complete the online key and lock request application: 

Apply now

Sports field permits

Organisations who use Council owned sports fields for training and fixtures are required to hold a sports field permit which stipulates the days and times of use for each organisation.

Note - If your organisation also has access to a clubhouse and/or other buildings, tenure for these facilities will be provided by way of a separate agreement. 

Updating contact details

Council must be advised of any changes to committee members and contact details to ensure the information is up-to-date to assist in the management of your tenure agreement.

To update your details:

Lodge request


Prospective tenants

Council owned land and facilities may not always be available. It may be beneficial for community organisations to consider alternative options for conducting activities such as community halls, schools and other commercial premises. 

To be eligible to obtain a lease, licence or any other tenure arrangement for a Council facility, your community organisation must meet the following criteria:

  • be a community organisation whose primary purpose is cultural, sporting, recreational, educational or community service and whose constitution or rules provide that its income, profits and assets may only be applied to the promotion of its objects and may not be applied to the payment of dividends or distributions to members
  • be able to demonstrate its ability to meet the financial obligations under the form of tenure sought; and
  • be proposing to use the land for sporting, recreational, cultural, educational or other community service purposes. 

For further information about holding tenure over Council land and facilities please contact Council.

Establishing a new facility

If your community organisation is in a position to fund the establishment of a new facility, and you have identified Council land which you believe may be suitable for the proposed use, please contact Council.

The identification of possible Council land does not guarantee facility establishment or the allocation of tenure. 

Social, affordable, and crisis accommodation providers

Council has approved an amendment to the Community Leasing Policy. This will enable partnerships with community housing providers and specialist homelessness services to use Council-owned land for social, affordable and crisis housing developments.

It is expected that the allocation of land will be through long-term peppercorn leasing arrangements.

Allocation of land will be via an expression of interest (EOI) process.