24-Hour Lockdown Extension

Published 02 July 2021

COVID lockdown extension

Moreton Bay Region and Brisbane City Council areas will remain in lockdown for a further 24 hours, with five new cases overnight.

Three of these are in quarantine, but two cases present a risk of community transmission.

Mayor Peter Flannery said the the lockdown requirement will be reassessed tomorrow morning (Saturday 3 July) by the Chief Health Officer following further health advice.

“While no one wanted this lockdown extended I have to commend locals for doing the right thing and I thank them for their patience,” he said.

“I know we’d all hoped the lockdown would lift at 6pm tonight so we could get back to properly enjoying the school holidays, but taking this swift action could save us days of further lockdowns like Sydney right now or even weeks as Melbourne has had to endure.

“In the interim locals will only be able to leave home for essential purposes as listed on the Queensland Health website.

“You can travel to work or study if you can’t do either from home and you can exercise in your local area.

“So our parks and open spaces remain open but facilities within our parks - like barbeques, playground and fitness equipment - remain closed until further notice.

“Under Queensland Health’s guidelines residents must carry a mask at all times outside the home and wear them indoors or if social distancing isn’t possible.

“Looking around the world we know how quickly this lethal virus spreads and the havoc it could wreak on our community and economy.

“We need to do everything we can to ensure we don’t have a full scale lockdown.

“All going well we’ll be able to reopen Council facilities as soon as the lockdown order is lifted for services like our waste facilities, and return to regular operating hours from for venues like our administration centres, libraries and galleries.

“Again, thank you for your patience and for banding together at this time.”

For the full list of impacted Council facilities and services visit: