Revised Free Waste Disposal Limits to affect small percentage

Published 04 April 2022


Council is boosting its green credentials with changes to its waste policy, cracking down on those who take advantage of the free service by dumping more than their fair share.

From July 1 2022 free waste disposal of General Waste, Green Waste, Clean Concrete and Clean Soil will be capped at three tonnes per year, or 26 visits per financial year (whichever is reached first).

Acting Mayor Jodie Shipway said these changes will only affect a very small percentage of waste facility users.

“Only 2.6 per cent of waste facilities users disposed of more than 3 tonnes of products last financial year and just 1.7 per cent of people visited more than 26 times,” Cr Shipway said.

“Household waste generation, including kerbside wheelie bin collections, sits at 600kg per person per year.

“These little changes will have a positive impact on the bigger picture, which is critical to our goal of ‘going green as we grow’ in the face of a booming population.

“We are working really hard to encourage our community to divert as much waste as we can away from landfill, through our Rethink Waste program.

“Choosing to reduce, reuse and recycle, avoiding disposing unwanted materials in general waste bins, and thinking beyond the recycling bin, is just the start.

“Council is committed to our 10-year Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan, managing waste in an innovative and cost-effective way.

“By cutting down on waste, reducing our carbon footprint, and pulling back on the amount of rubbish going into landfill, we are working towards a more sustainable future for Moreton Bay.”

The changes are applicable to eligible residents and ratepayers. Annual limits applicable to community groups, sporting organisations and charity organisations are maintained. Exceptions continue to apply to residents without access to kerbside collection.

To communicate the proposed changes to the Waste Policy, pamphlets and signage will be installed at each waste facility, from mid-June 2022, noting the changes will come into effect from 1 July 2022.

Annual limits and charges:  

At waste facilities with a weighbridge installed, once the 3 tonne annual limit has been reached, visitors will be charged $151 per tonne for General Waste, $28 per tonne for concrete and bricks and $23 per tonne for clean soil, with a minimum charge of $20 and $17 respectively.

An uncontaminated green waste fee of $76 a tonne will be introduced after customers reach the annual limit, with a minimum charge of $26.

For waste facilities without a weighbridge, the annual limit will be 26 visits a year and fees calculated based on vehicle size, with cars charged $17, car and trailer $40, ute or van $40 and ute or van with trailer $60 for General Waste and cars charged $22, car and trailer $34, ute or van $34, and ute or van with trailer $49 for Garden Waste.