Be alert, not alarmed this storm and bushfire season

Published 07 December 2023

Sign up to MoretonAlert

Stay on top of extreme weather events this summer and beyond by signing up to City of Moreton Bay’s MoretonAlert warning system.

Mayor Peter Flannery said MoretonAlert is your best defence in the face of disaster by providing free, real-time notifications by SMS, email, or voice message, before and during an event.

“Moreton Bay locals know the weather can change in an instant here in South East Queensland, and this summer is particularly unpredictable with both bushfires and storms presenting real threats,” he said.

“Council’s free MoretonAlert system will help keep you safe by automatically sending you warnings for natural hazards that are relevant to your area, direct to your phone or email as Council receives this information from its partners, including the Bureau of Meteorology and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

“We urge everyone to join over 70,000 other locals who have already subscribed to MoretonAlert and are staying informed.

“If you are already a subscriber, now is the time to check your details are correct and update them to ensure you receive vital information that could help save your life in the event of an emergency.

“Current SMS subscribers will receive a text message from the number (04) 0817 0536 urging them update their details, so it’s safe to save this number and be confident it isn’t spam.

“For all other information during an emergency event, please visit Council’s Disaster Dashboard to get updates on bushfire warnings, sandbag stations, evacuation centres, road closures, power outages and more.

“The Disaster Dashboard will be your one-stop shop for everything and anything you need to know in a disaster.”