Council crackdown on dangerous dogs ramps up

Published 08 February 2023

Dangerous Dog

Council’s crackdown on declared dangerous and menacing dogs through the Systematic Inspection Program will continue for a fourth year to ensure owners of regulated dogs are doing the right thing.

Thanks to the annual program, non-compliance rates from owners of declared dangerous and menacing dogs have plunged from 31% to just 2.5% since it was rolled out in 2020. 

Acting Mayor Jodie Shipway said the program was part of Council's’ zero tolerance approach to serious dog attacks in the region. 

“Dogs can be great companions, but not at the expense of people’s safety,” she said. 

“This program was a direct response to an unacceptable amount of serious dog attacks on people and other animals in Moreton Bay in previous years. 

“By proactively monitoring declared dangerous and menacing dogs, we can make sure owners adhere to strict State Government conditions that help prevent them attacking again. 

“The crackdown has so far proved to be a great success with non-compliance numbers from owners at an all-time low. 

“In 2019, we had 765 serious dog attacks and in 2022 it was down to 722, despite our region being one of the fastest growing in the country over that period.

“While I’d like that amount to be zero, the reduction in attacks is a positive step forward. 

“Dangerous dogs and menacing dogs have been declared by Council following their involvement in an incident where the dog has been involved in an attack on a person or animal.

“There are different requirements for keeping a regulated dangerous or menacing dog and it’s the owner’s responsibility to always comply with the mandatory conditions. 

“We will continue to ramp up our efforts to declare dangerous and menacing dogs and help keep the community safe, and it starts with stamping out irresponsible behaviours and dangerous dog attacks in Moreton Bay.” 

The inspections will occur between 1 March and 30 June 2023. 

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