Maintenance at cemeteries

Due to the recent weather conditions, there are a number of subsided graves site across Councils cemeteries. While Council staff will do everything possible to try and fill all subsided sites within the shortest timeframe, it is anticipated that some sites might not be able to be rectified until the weather and the ground conditions stabilise. 

Cemetery grounds

The grounds of all Council cemeteries are regularly maintained and upgraded as required.

Council appreciates that visitors to the cemetery may wish to place items in remembrance of loved ones such as fresh wreaths and floral tributes. Guidelines for the placement of flowers and other tributes on grave sites have been developed.

Management guidelines for Council cemeteries(PDF, 61KB)

Monuments and plaques


Maintenance of headstones and monuments in the monumental cemeteries are the responsibility of the burial rights holder. Council may conduct works to make an area safe but will not undertake repairs should a monument be damaged, vandalised or fall into disrepair.

All work on monuments must be undertaken by a qualified stonemason. Complete the Application for permission to undertake monumental works(PDF, 200KB) and submit with appropriate fee.


Existing plaques that look dull can be refurbished. A written request to Council is required, and a refurbishment fee will be charged. Council will then arrange for the plaque to be sent away to be refurbished.