Moreton Bay’s recipe for a great region—a vision, voices and roadmap

Published 19 October 2021

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This Moreton Bay Regional Council said it would do things differently and that’s exactly what we’re doing, by asking people to get involved in creating a future vision and a roadmap to help get us there.

Mayor Peter Flannery said ‘great regions and cities don’t just happen—they start with a shared vision and a set of plans based on community values and many community voices—which is why we want all residents, businesses and community organisations to play a part in shaping the future of our region.

“To make sure our plans are spot on from the start I’ve asked Council to engage with you every step of the way. We need your help to make sure our strategies and focus areas reflect the values and priorities of our broader communities now and into the future.

 “Everything we do at Council is aimed at creating the best place in South East Queensland for current and future generations to call home, for businesses to thrive and our environments to flourish.

 “Over the coming years we can expect to see unprecedented growth in Moreton Bay bringing new economic opportunities, innovative technologies, affordable living options and greater connections between communities that all require smarter ways of working and good planning.

“Now is the time for us to act and plan for the future so we can build on all the things we love about the region; change the things we don’t like and protect what’s unique.

“This is an opportunity for us to step up and set ourselves apart from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, so we’ve come up with a draft vision with a focus on more opportunities, more liveability and more connected communities.

“We’re also developing a roadmap and five key strategies that will help drive the future direction of the region over the next 20 years and we need your help in generating the ideas we can turn into actions.

“I know not everyone has the time or desire to get involved and some residents will want us to take the lead and just get on with the job of governing; I also know there are thousands of Moreton Bayer’s out there who have a lot to say and are passionate advocates for the region. We want to hear from you.

“You told us that we needed to do more to plan for the future, and this is part of that process so I’m calling on you to play your part in shaping the future of Moreton Bay through this Moreton Says survey”, Mayor Flannery said.

This will bring the community voices into our decision-making with a focus on our regional strategies. To get involved, register or to find out more about our planned activities during October and November 2021, visit

Moreton Bay Regional Council is delivering on its promise and commitment to partner with and engage communities to help inform its decisions and achieve a shared vision for all.

Together we are developing our strategies today to provide a roadmap for our future.