Shining the light on our next generation of football players

Published 04 June 2024


Rugby league heartland remains strong in City of Moreton Bay after Council approved a $300,000 grant to support Redcliffe District Rugby League Club to upgrade lighting for its junior players at Talobilla Park.

Mayor Peter Flannery said the project will be a game changer for the club by improving player safety, increasing scheduling capabilities and improving overall supporter experience for night games.

“The Redcliffe District Rugby League Football Club has been nurturing the next generation of football players since 1947 and has roughly 1,000 junior players playing out of Talobilla Park,” he said.

“Having access to well-lit fields at Talobilla Park not only improves the safety and security of all players and spectators but will also play a crucial role in enhancing player performance.

“Junior sports clubs are fundamental to the social fabric of our community, which is why they are a key part of our Community Wellbeing Strategy.” “Council financially supports many of our City’s sporting and recreational clubs as they are fundamental for positive social interaction, emotional regulation, and general health and wellbeing, particularly in young people.

“The long-lasting positive connections and relationships linked to our local clubs are evident in the parents, volunteers, club members and players who turn up regularly and keep these clubs running.”

This project was funded by Council’s City Project Grants program, as well as a $64,212 grant for the Lake Samsonvale Water Sports Association to build a new shelter and storage shed.

“Lake Samsonvale is the nearest lake sailing and water sports venue for the Brisbane area and hundreds of sailing and water sport enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels call this picturesque spot home,” he said.

“With the addition of this shelter and storage shed, our aim is to provide essential amenities that not only protect people from the Queensland sun but also enhance their overall experience on the water.

"Investing in infrastructure like this demonstrates our commitment to fostering outdoor activities and social engagement within our city." For more information on City of Moreton Bay’s grants and funding opportunities, please visit Council’s website.