Road restrictions

Height limits

Road name Height restriction
Burpengary - New Settlement Road (just west of Burpengary Road) 4.4 metres
Burpengary - O'Brien Road (intersection with Lindsay Road) 4.4 metres
Caboolture - Esme Avenue 5.0 metres
Dakabin - Alma Road (intersection with Thompson Road) 3.5 metres
Lawnton - Leis Parade 4.0 metres
Lawnton - Lorraine Court (under Francis Road overpass) 4.0 metres
Morayfield - Underpass Road 2.8 metres
Murrumba Downs - Brays Road (Redcliffe Peninsula Line Bridge) 5.5 metres
Murrumba Downs - Dohles Rock Road (Redcliffe Peninsula Line Bridge) 6.0 metres
Murrumba Downs - Goodfellows Road (Redcliffe Peninsula Line Bridge) 5.2 metres
Strathpine - Mott Street 3.7 metres
Strathpine - Railway Avenue (under Samsonvale Road) 4.5 metres

Length limit

Road name Length
Dakabin - Boundary Road Rail Bridge 5.2 metres

Load limits

Load limits are placed on roads and bridges to limit use by vehicles over a certain tonnage to help preserve structural integrity.

Use of load limited roads by heavy vehicles

While vehicles over the tonnage indicated on the advisory sign, cannot use these roads as through roads, they are permitted to use the roads as "local traffic".

That is, vehicles used for deliveries, removals, passenger pick-up, rubbish removal and the like, can access other roads that branch off the load limited road, where no other access is available. Buses are permitted.

Reports of over the limit vehicles

To report vehicles disregarding load limit signage contact Policelink 131 444.

Road name Load limit
Albany Creek - Morgan Road 8 tonne
Burpengary - Anderson Road 8 tonne
Burpengary - Gleeson Road 8 tonne
Burpengary - Henderson Road 5 tonne
Burpengary - O'Brien Road 8 tonne
Burpengary - Oakey Flat Road (Raynbird Road to Morayfield Road) 8 tonne
Caboolture - Elliott Street (Kmart to Riverview Drive) 3 tonne
Caboolture - Lynfield Street (Smiths Road to Toohey Street) 8 tonne
Caboolture - McKean Street 8 tonne
Caboolture - Mewett Street 8 tonne
Caboolture - Toohey Street 8 tonne
Caboolture - Watt Street 8 tonne
Cedar Creek - Cedar Creek Road Bridge (Andy Williams Park) 15 tonne
Dakabin - Alma Road 5 tonne
Ferny Hills - Hutton Road / Woodhill Road (Plucks to Bunya) 20 tonne
Highvale - The Goat Track 5 tonne
Morayfield - Oakey Flat Road (Raynbird Road to Morayfield Road) 8 tonne
Morayfield - River Drive 8 tonne
Mt Glorious - Harland Road 4 tonne
Narangba - Browns Road 8 tonne
Narangba - McPhail Road (Farrier Road to Burpengary Road) 8 tonne
Narangba - Mumford Road 8 tonne
Narangba - Oakey Flat Road / Main street (Mumford Road to New Settlement Road) 8 tonne
Narangba - Oakey Flat Road (Raynbird Road to Morayfield Road) 8 tonne
Kurwongbah - Scout Road / Margaret Road / Moore Road / Browns Road 8 tonne
Strathpine - Acland Drive (Stanley Street to Old North Road) 5 tonne
Strathpine - Bells Pocket Road (Buckby Street to Lawnton Pocket Road) 3 tonne
Strathpine - Ira Buckby Road (Samsonvale Road to Kremzow Road) 10 tonne
Strathpine - Navua Street (Stanley Street to Ellerdale Street) 5 tonne
Warner - Kremzow Road (Old North Road to Lilley Road) 10 tonne
White Patch - White Patch Esplanade (culvert bridge)  25 tonne