Calling all communities to help create the best of Moreton Bay

Published 14 February 2022

Our Moreton tile.png

If you’ve ever wanted to shape how Moreton Bay will look and feel in five-, ten- or twenty years’ time then now’s the time to get involved and share your great ideas.

Mayor Peter Flannery said you only have to look around to see we already live in a beautiful part of the world with easy access to great beaches, a stunning hinterland, nature corridors and all within a 30-minute radius, depending on where you live.

“Your Council is now asking our community to get involved in exploring the issues and leveraging our greatest assets to create the best place to live, work and play for our current and future generations.

“Throughout the month of March, we want your ideas on how we can continue to protect our natural habitats, parks and lifestyle while balancing urban growth through smarter planning so we can shape our future together.

“We do know first-hand that great places don’t just happen - they’re planned for and created by communities and Council working together.

“Making sure that our region grows in the best way is a complicated business, but I believe we can turn it into an opportunity if we’re ambitious and smart in our vision, Mayor Flannery said.

“Over the next 20 years we’re expecting Moreton Bay to grow by 210,000 – that’s around 200 people every week.

“This raises some big questions for your Council and our community. What impact will growth have on the environment? How will our transport infrastructure keep pace with growth pressures? How can we help deliver more affordable living options? How can we respond to climate change and its expected impacts? How do we balance this growth with smart planning for the region and our neighbourhoods?

“By preparing and planning, we can focus on the things that matter to the people of Moreton Bay – protecting what we value most and enhancing what’s important now and, in the future, Mayor Flannery said.

“To make sure we get the balance right so we all can continue to thrive as we grow, we’re asking for your feedback on three important strategies: Environment and Sustainability, Growth and Transport.

 “I’m calling on our communities to make their voices heard by getting involved in the range of activities being planned– there’s something for everyone depending on your level of interest and time available.

“We’ll be hosting the first ever one-day ‘Our Moreton Summit’ bringing together our communities, developers, community leaders and businesses to discuss what’s important for growth management, transport, the environment and sustainability.

“We’re also calling on our younger generations and people aged between 15-25 years to participate in our youth engagement program, ‘Our Moreton Future Leaders’, to help shape the future of our region.

“And there’s an online survey if that’s your preference.

Mayor Flannery said that while population growth is inevitable, I’m certain that if we work together, we can have it all - a liveable, sustainable and connected city that’s the best place in Queensland to live, work and play.

I encourage you to register for an activity and find out more at