Overgrown land and unsightly premises

Council’s local laws assist in managing vegetation that is overgrown and unsightly accumulation of material on a property that causes a nuisance to surrounding properties.

Overgrown vegetation and unsightly accumulations

Vegetation that is overgrown and premises that are unsightly and considered not in accordance with the local amenity need to be removed or cleaned up. The unsightly objects, materials or vegetation provisions of Community Standards for Private Land Local Law 2023 are about keeping City of Moreton Bay clean, safe and attractive.

This includes land that has:

  • overgrown vegetation
  • discarded or disused machinery or machinery parts
  • broken-down or severely rusted vehicles
  • discarded bottles, containers or packaging
  • refuse or scrap material.

Council may investigate complaints of overgrown or unsightly allotments if there is evidence of vermin, pests or a fire hazard in accordance with the Public Health Act. To report an overgrown and/or unsightly premise contact Council.

Enquiries regarding vegetation on private land where the customer believes may be a fire hazard should be directed to Queensland Fire Rescue Service (QFRS) or the Rural Fire Service.

Vegetation and unsightly accumulations on boundary fences

Council does not investigate or respond to complaints where the overgrown vegetation or accumulation of objects is on, against or along a property boundary fence. Matters related to boundary fence disputes are to be directed to Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) through a dispute resolution centre

If the whole yard is overgrown or unsightly Council will investigate and take compliance action against the property owner. A property owner may elect to self-comply and take remedial actions to mow and clear the property including the boundary/fence lines. However, Council cannot take enforcement action should they elect not to maintain the boundary/fence line.