A new kind of city

We are fortunate to have many bustling centres like Caboolture, North Lakes, Redcliffe and Strathpine as well as a growing knowledge and business precinct at Petrie.

These centres have been serving our communities for a long time. In planning terms, we are “polycentric”, which means we have more than one urban centre.

By creating stronger ties between the existing centres of our communities, through green corridors and other connections, we can develop a new kind of city.

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to set a path forward to deliberately evolve into a city that enriches its residents and protects the surrounding environment. Through highly connected centres we create more equitable access to housing, employment, and lifestyle. That's a fairer city for everyone and shares opportunities across the region.

Having many centres also means we can spread jobs across our communities, so we don’t create congestion by funnelling residents into a single CBD to work, unlike traditional cities. Living and working close to home means reduced road traffic and less time wasted commuting every day.

Map of main city hubs of Moreton Bay Region
Map showing Moreton Bay's many bustling urban centres, areas of enterprise and our rural regions

Working near home has many benefits. It can improve residents’ quality of life with less time spent commuting, which provides more time for family recreation. This keeps money in our region with increased resident spending and income. Reduced commutes also mean less greenhouse gas emitted, with cars responsible for roughly half of all Australia’s transport emissions. This represents a massive opportunity to reduce our impact on the environment just by working near home.

The pandemic has proven that not everyone needs to be in the office or commute to the nearest capital city. Before the pandemic, almost 47 percent of working residents left Moreton Bay every day to work somewhere else, predominantly in Brisbane. This is a reality that is already changing and we want that trend to continue. That’s why Council has invested so heavily in the business and knowledge precinct at Petrie.

Creating jobs locally is a key priority and becoming a city will draw attention to our region as a place for developing new businesses.

To have your say on the future of the Moreton Bay Region, visit the Your Say Moreton Bay webpage.