City of Moreton Bay unveils vision for Caboolture

Published 29 August 2023

City of Moreton Bay Unveils Vision for Caboolture

The City of Moreton Bay reached a pivotal milestone in its journey towards a polycentric city with the unveiling of an ambitious revitalisation vision for Caboolture.

The revitalisation blueprint represents a strategic effort to redefine Caboolture's image and character, positioning it as a dynamic, adaptable, and sustainable urban centre.

Industry feedback was sought this week regarding the level of commercial interest and viability of partnership prospects to support this ambitious plan for Caboolture.

City of Moreton Bay Mayor, Peter Flannery, emphasised the significance of this revitalisation effort.

"This Council is taking a deliberate departure from conventional city models, propelling Moreton Bay towards a polycentric future that champions equity and inclusivity for all residents."

"By embracing growth and fostering collaboration, we chart a path towards sustainable urban expansion and economic prosperity, while being mindful of Going Green As We Grow,” Mayor Flannery said.

“It is significant that our primary focus is on Caboolture, an area primed for reinvigoration. Home to the Caboolture River and Centenary Lakes, a contemporary state-of-the-art gallery, quality sporting facilities, prime development land and transport we have big ambitions for Caboolture, focusing on a greener, more connected, and livelier centre.

“With Council investing $44 million for projects in Caboolture over the next five (5) years we anticipate this will signal to others that it’s a good time to invest in this centre.

“We want new businesses bringing in greater job opportunities for locals, a thriving and distinctive café and dining culture, connection to the river plus improved streetscapes and pedestrian connections.

“We are committed to a future where every resident can access quality housing, employment opportunities, essential services, and an enhanced quality of life.”

With its distinct urban country charm, Caboolture stands as a unique gem within the mosaic of Moreton Bay's city centres. Councillor Adam Hain (Div 3) welcomed the renewed investment into Caboolture.

“As a key hub and one of the largest areas of our polycentric City of Moreton Bay, Caboolture is ripe for development,” Cr Hain said.

“We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to refresh our identity and forge a new path for the centre of Caboolture.

“After seven years of hard work, I’m very appreciative of the support of Mayor Peter Flannery, my Council colleagues and most importantly support from investors to a level we have never seen in this town."

City of Moreton Bay is experiencing remarkable growth, with the development spotlight on areas like Waraba (Caboolture West). Notably, around 70,000 people are expected to become part of this thriving community in the next three decades.

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