Newport Marina Precinct Update

Published 08 November 2023

Newport Marina

City of Moreton Bay today approved an area re-zoned in 2016 as industry, back to its original intent, as an area that can facilitate marine industry, residential accommodation and associated uses.

The Newport Estate and Marina was originally master planned in 1977. The precinct has seen a staged approach to development with townhouses, units and houses built across the site.

Thanks to the material change of use approved by Council, further development of the precinct will attract much-needed investment to the City of Moreton Bay through construction, business, employment, and tourism opportunities.

Council noted that the preliminary approval for a material change of use of the land does not authorise development to proceed. Subsequent approvals would then be required for the Council to authorise any development to proceed. 

The area at 156, 156A and 158 Griffith Road, Newport is currently an industrial site that includes a carpark, toilet facilities and a marina office. There has been limited and decreasing marine industry use on the site.

Council sees the opportunity to revitalise the area and sustainably regulate future development in the precinct as an important step for the future of our polycentric City; lifestyle-focused with a number of interwoven and connected businesses and community centres.

Due to the sensitive land use of the precinct, with water access, public marina and boat mooring areas and residents close by a material change of use has been developed, that deliberately maintains as much of the current scheme as possible but endorses uses that are arguably more consistent with the existing Strategic Place Type designation of the site as residential.

The update now makes any onsite marine industry Code Accessible which will enhance this as an opportunity for prospective marine businesses, but also limit large industrial development.

It also removes land uses that were previously allowable including: animal husbandry, emergency services, major electricity infrastructure, motor sport facility, nightclub entertainment facility, telecommunications facility, warehouses, outdoors sport recreation and other uses that Council has deemed not aligned to the current area.

The update does allow land uses including shops, function facility, food and drink outlet, indoor sport and recreation, service industry.

The update does not change the currently nominated maximum building height for the site, which is 15 metres.

City of Moreton Bay is looking to transform and grow the local economy as part of its Regional Economic Development Strategy that strives to create opportunities for residents now and into the future.