Interment or reservation

With limited space available in several cemeteries, Council has placed some restrictions on burials in the region.

To be eligible for a reservation or interment of a gravesite, a person must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Be a current resident of the region
  2. Have a continuing family residence in the region (to first cousin)
  3. Past resident of the region, having lived in the region for a minimum of seven years
  4. Have a first-degree kinship with a person already interred in a cemetery.

These restrictions do not apply to ashes placements, except in a gravesite, or to trust-run cemeteries located at Mount Mee, Woodford and Upper Caboolture.

Cemeteries at Lawnton and Caboolture have no space available for new graves, but existing graves can be reopened with approval from the burial rights holder.

View the Moreton Bay region cemeteries policy.


It is generally recommended that grave sites or niches be reserved. By reserving a grave site or niche you can choose a location that you prefer, such as close to the grave of another family member. Graves can also be purchased immediately prior to a burial, but in this case, no choice of location is available. Most graves can accommodate three burials and several sets of ashes.

If you would like to reserve a grave or niche, contact Council to obtain a list of available sites.

Apply for a reservation(PDF, 723KB)