Abbey Museum bolstered by huge $2.1 million budget announcement

Published 29 June 2022

Abbey Medieval Festival

It’s time to crack open your finest bottle of mead and celebrate after the State Government announced $2.1 million worth of upgrades for the iconic Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology in the Queensland Budget 2022.

Mayor Peter Flannery thanked the State Government and Pumicestone MP Ali King for funding a new café and art gallery for the museum, as well as new seating and stands for the Abbey Medieval Festival site.

This further supports Council’s contribution of $200,000 through the Community Operational Support Grant and a further $300,000 grant split over the next two years.

“The Abbey Museum has grown into one of the biggest tourism drawcards to the Moreton Bay region with more than 30,000 visitors attending the medieval festival each year and attracting roughly 14,000 overnight visitors,” he said.

“Unfortunately the festival couldn’t go ahead for the past two years due to COVID-19 but this funding will ensure the museum and festival don’t become a part of history itself.

“This comes after Council awarded the festival a two-year $300,000 grant in February to cover operating costs and ensure it could return to its right throne as one of Moreton Bay’s biggest events.

“All levels of government must find ways to support those hardest hit and help them get back on their feet so they can get back to delivering the type of world-class events we’ve come to expect. 

“I’d like to thank the State Government and Pumicestone MP Ali King for recognising how important the Abbey Museum is to the Moreton Bay community and for this amazing contribution.”

Member for Pumicestone, Ali King said this was an investment that would pay dividend for the community in the long-term.

“The Abbey Museum & the Medieval Festival are icons of Moreton Bay that bring visitors from far and wide,” she said.

“I worked hard to get funding to build the Museum’s new cafe and Art Gallery so it can thrive into the future.

“This $2.1 million is a big Budget win for Pumicestone and Moreton Bay and I couldn’t be more delighted!”

Abbey Museum director Edith Cuffe said this level of investment was a blessing after the difficult two years they had endured.

“When we heard the great news from Ali King and the State Government, we could hardly contain ourselves,” she said.

“This $2.1 million will go a very long way to supporting our expansion of an art gallery and café, which were major items on our strategic to-do list, as well as new infrastructure that will improve the quality of the festival for all those who attend.

“While it’s been a tough couple of years without the festival, we feel grateful to be so well supported by State Government, Moreton Bay Regional Council and our lovely community.

“This is the start of even bigger and better things for us and I can’t wait to see everyone when we return for our first festival in two years on July 9-10.”

Councillor Brooke Savige (Div 1) said she was thrilled to have the festival back and firing in 2022.

“The community was absolutely gutted when the Abbey Medieval Festival couldn’t go ahead for a second year in a row,” she said.

“This funding means that the festival will have a stable future for not only 2022 but for many years to come, which is a huge boost for the community who loves it so much.

“I urged everyone from Moreton Bay and outside the region to come see what all the hype is about and visit this year.”

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