Council slaps mozzies before potential boom

Published 04 March 2022

mozzies spray.JPG

Council crews are already on the ground treating mozzie breeding areas to reduce mosquito numbers and minimise outbreaks of serious diseases. 

Mozzie numbers will increase because of the amount of water in our region, so we need locals to urgently clear stagnant water to help prevent some of the mozzie swarms.

Mayor Peter Flannery said crews are assessing and treating all of the region’s parks and reserves on the ground right now.

“With our creeks, rivers and waterways all soaked after the storms and flooding, we need to be a step ahead,” Mayor Flannery said.

“So we’re targeting fresh water mozzies right now, then when waters recede around salt marshes we will launch aerial treatments in those areas.

“It’s important to note that the aerial treatments in the eastern areas target mosquito larvae, not adults which are already flying around.

“We’ll also have traps out next week to monitor adult mosquito numbers to compare with the treatments.

“We urgently need locals to empty pooling water from places like pot plants, old tyres, and even on large palm fronds, so you don’t accidentally create a mozzie breeding ground in your backyard.

“Queensland Health has confirmed one human case of Japanese Encephalitis Virus (JEV) in the state, with one Queensland piggery at Goondiwindi also affected.

“JEV is a nationally notifiable disease, spread to people and animals through a bite from an infected mosquito.

“While it’s usually mild, can cause serious illness in some people - but it’s not transmissible person-to-person.

“The current conditions also mean an outbreak of more common mosquito-bourne diseases like the Ross River and Barmah Forest viruses is likely.

“We’re doing all we can, but it’s vital the community takes extra measures to protect themselves during this time, because what’s normally an annoying itch could turn very serious.”

There are simple steps you can take to protect yourself and drive down mosquito numbers.

  • The best and easiest defence is to wear mozzie repellent, especially in the late afternoon and evening. 
  • Around the backyard and all outdoor areas - check containers like plant saucers, buckets, pet bowls and even large palm fronds and empty them - left unattended for five days, these can become a breeding ground
  • Entertaining outdoors? Place a fan with the air blowing away from you - mozzies don’t like flying into the air current
  • Local hardware stores have barrier sprays (active ingredient BiFenthrin). These products are used as a barrier treatment and can be effective in in reducing adult mosquito numbers for up to 6 weeks.

Find out more about our mosquito management program on our website