Council meetings

General meetings are normally held each Tuesday (excepting scheduled breaks), commencing at 10:30 AM at each administration building on a rotational basis. As of 6 August 2019, all matters previously considered by the Coordination Committee, will now be considered as part of the General Meeting.

The Mayor is the Chairperson of the General Meeting.

The officers’ reports section of the General Meeting will comprise of sessions and Councillors are designated Spokespersons for the respective sessions.

Council's Delegated Decisions Committee meets on an "as-needs" basis (fixed by resolution of Council), generally commencing at the conclusion of the Coordination Committee meeting on that day.

Members of the public are welcome to attend General and Committee meetings to observe proceedings. Council's Committee structure and terms of reference are also available.

Ratepayers and residents can have their say as part of the Community Comment session during the General meeting. To participate, a completed application form(PDF, 78KB) must be received by the Chief Executive Officer seven days before the meeting. The Community Comment Session Policy(PDF, 42KB) provides more detail.

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