Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious emergency warning system

Mt Nebo early warning service

The Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious Emergency Warning System (EWS) is designed to provide timely advice to local residents about the threat of bushfire in the area. The system comprises bushfire alert sirens with variable sounds and mobile LED road signs deployed at Mount Nebo Road The Gap, Mount Glorious Road Highvale and Northbrook Parkway Dundas at any time the EWS is activated.

Download the Bushfire alert sirens for the EWS fact sheet(PDF, 252KB).

Warning siren

The EWS bushfire alert sirens are located on Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious. The sirens are jointly operated by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service, Queensland Police Service, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and council.

There are three levels of activation. Siren tones indicating AlertLeave immediately, and Batten down, may be used by authorities to advise residents of dangerous fire conditions and fire warnings for the area. These tones are explained in the fact sheet and can be heard here:


Leave Immediately

Batten Down

Siren testing will continue to be conducted on the first Wednesday night of the month and periodically throughout the year.


Residents of Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious can subscribe to MoretonAlert to receive alerts about fire weather warnings and disaster events in the area via text and voice message or email.